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Луна в сей День, Луна в сей Час

Pamela Kribbe

There is Always a Choice

There is Always a Choice

Pamela channels Earth

Dear, dear children of the Earth,
I speak to you from deep beneath your feet; I am the voice of the Earth. Rest in me and let yourself relax. Allow the tension to leave all your muscles that are too often tight and tense. Particular attention should be paid to the muscles in your shoulders and neck. Relax them, and assume they want to relax and that you only need to go along with the natural desire of the body to be in repose.
Feel the facial muscles around your eyes and your mouth, and release the tension that is there. Go with me and sink deeper into your body. Feel a beneficial flow of tranquility and gentleness emerge in your abdomen. Now sink even deeper into your tailbone, into your hips and thighs, and become aware of your knees.
Center your awareness into your knees. What do you feel there? A lot of knowledge is often stored in the knees. Can you feel the energy flow in your knees? Maybe there is a difference between the left and the right knee. Look at them with a combination of interest and respect. Is the one knee perhaps colder than the other? Is there a knee that needs more warmth?  Assume that the knee itself knows what is good for it. You do not have to create the heat that is needed, it is already in your body; simply allow it to flow.
Sense what the coldness in your knees, or in one knee, represents; what kind of energy is there? If one knee is cold, there is a certain tension holding back the natural flow of heat in your body, and that can have an impact on your lower legs, on your feet, on your grounding in general. Take a look at what is possibly bothering you there. You may see a figure there that expresses a certain emotion, so have a closer look. Or perhaps you see a symbol of what is keeping you restrained there. Look at that knee in a calm, impersonal way.
This is you, your body, so have no fear about doing this process. Know that you naturally carry a powerful healing energy, so when you simply observe a part of yourself that feels restrained, or held back, or that feels unworthy of being included, that part changes. With your attention, and with your cosmic light power, you warm this part. Also, through me, the Earth itself that lives in your body, there is also a natural flow of healing. So there is improvement and healing available from us both.
You stand on the side of good, so you are stronger than evil. Evil is that which you allow to be devoid of light, of warmth, of love, of joy. Evil is often something you do to yourself because you believe you do not deserve the good. You think you ought to “stand out in the cold”, because you are unworthy and not good enough to be included. How did you arrive at that conclusion? This is not the finding of the Earth, and your cosmic soul did not make that judgment about you.
You stand between two forces as a human being – the Earth and your soul – but you can get buried under the negative ideas and judgments of the human world that surrounds you. And if you feel yourself to be small because of these societal judgments, and thereby make yourself small, then you have little resistance against the flow of negative energy. The cold permeates you and you feel even more small and powerless. The problem – for me, the Earth, and the Cosmic forces that want to assist you – is that we will never force you to be open to us. As a human being, you have free will, a possibility of choice, and therein lies the source of all growth and evolution: that you can choose.
We are always standing beside you. Your soul is constantly knocking at your door; it wants to come to you, wants nothing better than to flow through you, and therein lies your soul’s source of happiness. My energy is available to you as well. I want to nurture you, to see you grow and prosper. That is what makes me happy and whole, and therein lies my fulfillment: to give to you the roots you need here as angels of light on Earth. But we can do nothing if you shut down against what is available to you, and therein lies your strength: your ability to choose.
Those resources are not available to you if you do not make a choice, or if you think you have no choice, and that is the biggest problem that exists in being human. You might think that your soul, or your higher self, has control over your life, or you might think in a more traditional way, that God has control over your life, but that is not the case. You have control over your life! Only you can decide to turn to your own greatness as a soul, and to the nurturing power of nature around you. You have that power over yourself; you can always choose.
Feel how open you now are for the light of your soul and the nurturing powers of me, the Earth. Focus first on me. Go with your awareness down from your knees through your lower legs into your feet and feel the energy centers or chakras in both your feet. You may imagine that you see something spinning around in your feet, or maybe you see a color or a form. Sink deeply into your feet. Do they feel joined to you? Is one foot maybe more firmly rooted than the other? Ask your feet: “Do I allow myself to be carried by the Earth? Do I trust the Earth? Do I believe there are forces from the Earth that want to bring continuous support to me and to take me to where I need to be?”
To make it simple, imagine that in both your foot chakras is a small door that can be opened all the way, or closed, or somewhere in between. Look at the center of your left foot to see how open the door is that allows in the nourishing Earth energy, how open it is for you to receive that energy. Now look at the center of your right foot. There is also an opening there and see how open it is.
By looking at yourself in this way, with an undertone of respect and discovery, you change something within yourself. You choose to be aware of who you are and where you stand. You choose for the light. When you move within the flow of darkness, negativity, self-pity, anger, or anxiety, you no longer look at yourself. There is no interest nor openness toward yourself, and you are propelled along with the shutters being closed. Opening them again begins with love for yourself, and with a balanced, impartial attention, and through letting go of judgment.
Finally, pose this question to both feet: “What helps me the most in everyday life to allow in more Earth energy, more support, encouragement, and security? In what situations am I nourished the most by Earth forces?” Feel deep inside that you have a choice, that there is within you the option to choose for more light and openness for yourself.
Then go with your attention upward toward the center of your heart. Ascend with your awareness into that area of your chest and look at this heart center, the heart chakra. See if an image appears of this center: a flower, a dancer, a child – whatever it is – and let it appear. Let the symbol stand for the extent to which you are open to loving energies from the cosmos, your soul, and your guides, from everything that wants to come from that dimension.
You can use a simple method to see to what extent something stops you by imagining that a hand appears in your heart chakra that is open, or closed, or something in between. You can see either one or two hands, but look at how the hand appears. In one extreme, there is a clenched fist that is defensive and does not want to, or cannot, receive, and in the other extreme, the hands are open in total acceptance and receptivity. Feel for a moment the tension in both your hands, and try to relax them as much as possible. Literally feel that relaxation all the way into your fingertips.
Release all your excess tension and receive! Allow your soul energy to flow through you in a natural way – and it will flow by itself. Feel the peace and quiet in that energy and with that release. Feel how you are touched both from above and from below by fields of energy that are healing and are naturally part of you. You have the choice to attune yourself to those energies, again and again. Let both the earthly and the cosmic energies come together and merge. They belong together, they are partners. Let them come together in your abdomen.
In your everyday life, you have to cope with influences that pull you away from your power, your freedom, and your choice. That is why we ask that you regularly withdraw from these influences to within yourself and restore the connections with both your soul and with the Earth – it is very beneficial to do this. You do not distance yourself from the world by doing this, you recharge yourself and build toward a new world. And that new world lies outside the existing concepts and ways of thinking. But you can do it. You have the power and self-determination that are necessary to go on a new path, and I would like to instill that fact in you.
We want nothing more than for you to flourish, so be open to us, to the forces around you, to your soul, to the Earth. There is a force in us, and a knowing, which cannot be demonstrated to the worldly, rational way of looking at things. The proof of the existence of these forces is that you can feel them within yourself, and by attuning yourself to them, to live in accordance with them. In doing that is the proof they are real and effective. Choose and become a human being carried by the forces of Heaven and Earth, and with that, a new path, a self-aware path, for humankind.
Thank you for coming here today.
© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

The power of the belly

The power of the belly

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends, I am Mary Magdalene. I greet you all with warmth and joy in my heart. You are known and familiar to me. We are soul mates as we all go down the same path together, but each in our own unique way.
Today, I would like to speak about the female energy and how it can thrive at this time, because this is essential for the change in consciousness that humanity as a whole needs in order to move forward. There is a need for balance between the male and the female energies, both in the world as a whole and in the lives of individuals. The female energy has long been suppressed, damaged, and injured, and this has led to the dominance of a one-sided male energy.
At first glance, it might seem that the balance has already been addressed: women in many countries have virtually the same rights as men. In those parts of the world, a woman can manifest herself as freely as a man, enjoy an education, career, position of power, and is able to amass wealth. Yet at a deeper level, something is missing and out of balance. What actually happens when a woman strives for equality in this way is that she appropriates the male energy of dominance and control, and starts using it for her own self-interest and ambition. That is not wrong, in itself, but the question is whether doing that deeply fulfills the female soul, just as the additional question is whether the male soul is deeply fulfilled through amassing power and dominance.
At this time, there are more and more people searching for a deeper fulfillment. They want to live from inspiration and connected with Earth and their fellow human beings, trusting in their hearts instead of reacting to fear. These are ideals that now touch the hearts of young people. The old male energy of control and coercion has outlived its ages-old course; there is a new generation who thinks and feels differently. And herein lies the opportunity for an actual resurrection of the female energy, which not only includes a recovery of social and political rights and freedom for women, but also a true healing of deep inner wounds that have been done to the female psyche.
What has happened to the female energy in the past? It has been disempowered in many ways, both by mental and physical violence, and that history has been recorded, so I need not go into it here. My attention here is focused primarily on how the inner female energy has been affected by this violence. If you look at the collective female aura, as exemplified in the energy field of an average woman, you will see a void, a hole, in the area of the belly. The area of the lower energy centers – the root, navel, and solar plexus chakras – has become disempowered and empty. For many women, there exist in those centers, and usually only half-consciously, feelings of unworthiness, fear, and uncertainty.
The original female power of the belly is one of being vital and grounded. A woman by her nature feels connected with Earth and the rhythms of the seasons, and the wisdom in her heart is one based on a natural sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, this has gotten lost through the ages and without that base, that natural strength in the belly, a woman cannot connect in a balanced way with the world around her. She easily gives too much of herself to others and loses herself in that giving, and so she often is unable to take up her personal space and set boundaries.
If you have been wounded to the core through rejection, (sexual) violence, and humiliation, a shift in your energy field will occur: your consciousness leaves your belly, which is the seat of emotion, connection, and intimacy. When it is too painful to be present in that area of your body, you will dissociate from yourself and pull your consciousness out of the belly. Your consciousness then rises up and lodges in the upper part of your aura, with the result that feelings become dull and depression can settle in, or a feeling of fatigue and of not having full access to your energy. In addition to the trauma of the violence that has taken place, and the deep emotional confusion that arises as a result, there is also now the sadness and the emptiness of having lost yourself.
This is, in short, what has happened to the female psyche. Even though not all individual women exhibit this pattern to the same degree, this has still been a general trend, which one can summarize as follows:
the belly, which is the seat of emotion, sexuality, and intimacy, and is naturally and strongly connected with Earth, is relatively empty. It feels threatening to be present there, both because of the pain that lingers there as a memory and because of the power that lies dormant there – it is scary to encounter that power.
as a result of the retreating movement, a gap has been created in the energy field between the upper and lower energy centers, between the area of the heart and the area of the belly.
the energy of the heart, the center of inspiration and love, cannot express itself, flow outward and naturally connect with the world and with other people. This flow is blocked either because of too much fear and uncertainty, or because there is a need to connect so strongly with another that you lose yourself in that person and become emotionally dependent upon them.
Women who have never experienced violence in their lives – mental, physical, sexual – also often exhibit this reactive pattern. Because old patterns can be carried on from previous lives, there might have been damage done to your female energy in the past that has yet to be sufficiently healed in this current incarnation. In addition, as a woman, you become affected by the general female psyche, by the prevailing image of women and the collective experiences of the past. Each woman has to deal with what I am describing here; it is not easy or natural for any woman to own the power of her belly and really be present from her heart in a grounded, self aware way.
Because this is a time of transformation of consciousness, it has now become all the more necessary to heal the energetic wound in the belly. If you are going to develop on a spiritual path, and you feel the urge to live from your heart and your most sincere inspiration, you will discover that you, as a woman, are faced with deep-seated fears. To stand out, to make yourself greater, and to enter into conflicts, does not come easily and brings you face to face with tough questions about self-esteem and being true to yourself. In a sense, as a woman, you are asked to transform a part of the collective pain of all women. So in the healing of your own pain, you create new paths for the collective consciousness to expand.
Spiritual development is widely seen as opening your heart, connecting with others through love, and letting go of your ego. However, for women who have to deal with a lack of strength in their belly, this is where a number of pitfalls lurk. If you connect to others without remaining solidly present in your belly, in your center, connected with your needs and your truth, then connection with others can quickly lead to a loss of self, and even to exhaustion.
If you are a highly sensitive person with an open heart chakra, who easily senses other people’s moods and emotions, you will benefit from a solid sense of your own limits, and for that you need a strong ego. And by “strong ego” I mean you need a clear sense of where you end and where the other person begins. That sense enables you to be aware when you give too much, perhaps because you want to be liked or you dare not say “no”. What a healthy ego affords is that you feel clearly and accurately what is happening with you in your interaction with other people. The word ego has become distorted, and has come to stand for everything that is lower and should be released, but for women, this form of self awareness and establishing boundaries is extremely important.
For men, the process of development is quite different. Men have been raised with a different kind of morality. They are encouraged as a boy to differentiate, to compete, and to distinguish themselves. This can be quite painful for men who do not feel at home doing that, who are naturally sensitive, thoughtful, or quiet. But in any case, men are less encouraged to be giving, while ambition and aggressiveness are positively valued. In men, too, there exists an energetic wound caused by experiences of the past. Men have become split from their own female energy, their feelings and intuition, and they experience this as a loss of joy, emotion, and connection. There is a void in their heart – less so in their belly – and this void torments men just as much as women suffer from the empty space in their abdomen. Both sexes have become damaged by the traditions in which you live and both sexes have become wounded in different ways, thus regaining wholeness involves different means by the two sexes.
For men, the emphasis on opening the heart is generally beneficial. Connecting with their feelings, allowing their vulnerability to show, and acknowledging the female energy in themselves, are fundamental ways toward healing for men. But for women, it is in some way exactly the opposite. For them, the road to self-healing is through being true to themselves, maintaining clear boundaries, acknowledging their male energy, and recognizing and manifesting their unique gifts. Energetically, it means that you take the energy of your heart, your soul, all the way down to the level of your belly. Thus it means descending deep into that cavity of the pelvis, which symbolizes the primal force of the female energy.
One of the ways in which women can come home to their base is through dealing more consciously with the anger that is stored in them. Many women suppress emotions of anger or disappointment, because anger calls up fear, or makes them feel powerless. Anger is threatening because it might bring you into conflict with others, and if you feel you are not able to stand up for yourself and to express your anger, you feel powerless. Then the anger can turn into depression, passivity, or cynicism.
However, you can start to regard anger as a valuable signal that something or someone is violating your boundaries and so you feel hurt; a signal you can use to create positive change in your life. By welcoming the anger, you take yourself seriously, which means that the force contained in anger can be expressed in a positive way. The first step is to not see anger as something bad and to not condemn yourself for it. This is more difficult for women than for men, because they are more used to denying themselves and giving up their space to another, rather than demanding their natural boundaries.
This is the reason why I want to address highly sensitive women who walk the spiritual path: take care of your belly power, own it, rest firmly within your own boundaries and dare to stand up for yourself. You tend to associate spirituality with love, light, and connection, and those are essential attributes, but a balanced connection with the world around you depends on your ability to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong for you, to separate and detach when needed instead of unduly merge and connect. For that you need to fully value yourself, your own need, your own talents, and all your own emotions.
I lived during a time when free expression by women was not accepted, let alone valued. I felt a strong connection with the message of Jeshua Ben Joseph and with the essence of the Christ energy. I was touched by his words, his charisma, and in that life I went deeper and deeper within to remember who I was. There also lived in me a rage regarding the powers that forbade me to be who I was: independent, powerful, willful. I was regularly thrown back on to myself and I struggled with feelings of powerlessness and anger. My belly was seized by the energy of frustration, and below that lay dormant a sense of inferiority, of self-doubt. It was my mission to come to terms with my lack of self-esteem and to let go of other people’s judgments.
This is the challenge for all women. When women are not fully present in the area of their belly, they tend to give too much to others from their hearts, to empty themselves in relationships with others, such as their beloved, their children, their parents, their friends. To lose yourself in the other person is all too often a sign of not fully being at home with yourself, in your own base. If a feeling of emptiness or alienation is dominant there, it is tempting to reach out to another to ease that feeling. You do this seemingly from love, but another motive lurks there: you need the other in order to feel accepted and good about yourself. However, true spiritual growth means you learn to question – from what motive am I connecting with the world around me, with my beloved, my friends, my children, my parents?
Now choose one of those relationships and put your attention on your belly. Feel from that level how much space you occupy in this relationship or how much you receive. For example, imagine your loved one and ask within: “Do I feel fully accepted in the area of my belly when in his presence?” Do the same with a girlfriend. Breathe deep into your center as you think of her and feel your response. Do you feel something is blocking or preventing your breath? Experiment with this as a guided meditation.
The key question is: can your belly relax in the relationship? Do you feel accepted and are you free to be yourself? Or do you feel you have to make all the effort and posture yourself in an unnatural way? Perhaps you feel depleted of energy when you are with the other person; then your consciousness rises up toward your head and your awareness leaves your foundation, your belly. When that happens, do not condemn yourself, but look with loving honesty at your own fear of being true to yourself and of taking up your rightful space. By recognizing your own fear, you transform it. And you are not doing this alone. The collective energy field of women is changing. What you give to yourself benefits others and vice versa.
© Pamela Kribbe

The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I am your sister, Mary Magdalene. I am right beside you as your very close friend. I am not elevated above you, but one whom you know from within. Feel for a moment our deep connection – we are one, part of the same family.

I, too, have traveled the path of being human on Earth, have known and explored the depths there, and have been touched by a bright and vivid Light that inspired and took hold of me, and reminded me and made me dream and long for a more beautiful and better world on Earth. I have known both extremes, the Light as well as the dark. Those extremes are poles that belong together; they are each other’s driving force, you might say. Life seems to be about opposites: Light and dark. The feelings they call up seem to be opposites, yet there is a hidden connection between them; they can not function, one without the other. The experience of Light is possible only by having experienced the absence of the Light, and by contrast with its opposite, the dark.

Never is the Light more visible than when appearing out of the darkness. Just think of the first rays of the Sun at the waking of the day, the warm morning light that bathes the world. How deeply it can touch you, especially when you emerge from a cold, dark night. Contrast creates dynamics – life, movement, growth, change – so the dark has a function in our lives. However, humans often experience the dark as the antithesis of Light; not as a driving force for change and growth, but as a trap or pit into which you get caught and where you can no longer move. From that deep pit it seems like you have lost contact with the Light, as if it has been cut off from you.

You all know that mental state of being cut off from the Light, being deprived of a sense of meaning and purpose in your life. That in fact is being dead. The only possible way to die is not a physical death, but to cease any movement in your heart, your feelings, your mind. In reality, death does not exist; your soul is eternal and lives on. Everything that is mortal about you is only form; your essence is eternal and cannot die. However, you can temporarily lose sight of your essence to such a degree that you become inwardly rigid and cease to move. You are dead inside and you feel extremely depressed. This is an extremely painful state.

Travel along with me for a moment. Descend with me into that depressed state and investigate it with an open mind. What happens if someone loses all hope, shrinks back, and feels powerless against all the feelings that well up from within? Usually this reaction is triggered by exterior events that are disruptive; events that a person is unable to place in his or her frame of reference, and which make everything in that person’s life become uncertain. It can be big things, such as the death of someone close, becoming ill, losing one’s job, or the breakup of a relationship. These are events that affect people deeply, and can bring them to the edge of the abyss.

However, the darkness can sometimes also reveal itself from within without a clear cause from without. Old emotional burdens that you once stored in your soul’s memory come to the surface. Painful experiences, possibly stemming from previous lives, spring up from your depths, and you have to deal with dark feelings, fears, and doubts. Deep experiences of lack, loneliness, and of being defeated can enter into your psyche without reason. They can make you lose your footing as much as any outward event that happens to you.

When someone gets caught in a depression, in a dark night of the soul, it always comes with the experience of being engulfed and unable to cope with all the emotions. The flow of painful, heavy emotions is experienced as being too great to bear. You are overpowered by them, or so it feels, and you shut down from a deep sense of powerlessness. At the moment you turn away and refuse to face the emotions, you become stuck. Those emotions want to flow; it is essential to emotions that they continue moving onward, like the surge of a big wave onto a beach. But you are afraid to allow that, so you refuse to go along with that movement and you pull back from these flooding emotions. You build a dam, a barrier, and say: “I cannot deal with this. I do not want this. I want done with it”. Your reaction, often out of sheer powerlessness, creates a depression, which is a state of numbness and of being closed off from life. Over time, that situation becomes unbearable and you no longer want to live.

From an earthly perspective, you want to die because life is intolerable. Seen from the soul’s perspective, you are dead, and it is an experience so unbearable that you want to do everything you can to put an end to this situation. The desire for death is essentially a desire for change, a desire to live again. People who wish to commit suicide have a deep desire for life, not for death. It is precisely this feeling of being dead inside that drives them to extreme despair. It is their urge to live that leads them to terminate their physical life.

When you experience a depression, there is in you a combination of deep resistance and at the same time extreme vulnerability. The depression is a way to defend yourself against the enormous power of the emotions that threaten to engulf you. You think they will destroy you, so in your powerlessness you build a shell around yourself; you wrap yourself in a cocoon of not wanting or being able to feel anything. You do not want to be here any longer, just as the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand. You are suffocating in the sand and yet that seems the only possible way out. And after a time you no longer are able to get your head out of the sand, the depression. You have become so closed off from life and from any feelings that you are no longer able to turn things around and effect a change; the choice to say “yes” to your emotions seems to lie beyond your power. The depression has now reached a climax.

On the one hand, you cannot accept your emotions of fear, despair, sadness, and loneliness, or share them with others, while on the other hand, you know and feel that it is agonizingly painful to live without emotions; that it is a form of death, a total denial of your living core. After a time, you want to feel again. The pain of not feeling is greater than the pain of feeling your emotions. That is your salvation, and this is the turning point. The refusal to feel, and the saying: “No, I can’t, I don’t want it, I want to be dead, I want to disappear”, makes you so hollow and empty inside that you can no longer sustain it. What happens from the perspective of the soul is that life is becoming stronger now; it can not be held back indefinitely. When the life force has been restrained strongly for a very long time, it creates an opposing force that eventually erupts. The strength of the tidal wave that wants to roll out onto the beach can not be held back forever. At a certain moment, from within you, emerges a “yes”, even if you are not aware of it consciously. Nothing is static in life; the urge for life is unstoppable. When a climax has been reached, you create events in your life that provide change; that create a breakthrough.

Sometimes this happens in the form of a suicide attempt. If it fails, there may be an upward spiral because the suffering of that person becomes very visible to the outside world. When someone discovers how much other people care about them, there may arise an opening to more Light, and to the receiving of understanding and sympathy. However, it may also happen that someone does not open up and remains depressed. There is no fixed recipe for how a breakthrough occurs. However, life has a pushing and driving force that makes it impossible to linger endlessly in a static state of consciousness.

Even when the earthly life ends by actually taking your own life, you immediately have to face new choices on the other side, because you will still have to experience your feelings there. The gloom that was there while alive, with its feelings of pain and anxiety, is now able to come forward even more sharply, and in a less veiled way. Sometimes the astral realm where you end up after death confronts you directly with the emotions that you repressed, and through this they begin to flow again. For example, someone may feel desperate and horrified when they have passed over and discover that life has not really ended. Or they sees the emotions of their family on Earth, their grief and sadness, and are very affected by it. By being so touched, a new movement can be set in motion in the soul who has passed over. It can lead to a breakthrough, making that soul open to help from guides who are always there, both on Earth and in heaven. Help is always there, provided you are open to it.

No matter which way you twist or turn, life is more powerful than any death wish. Life always reassumes its right to be, you cannot kill it. Therefore, there is always hope. Hold on to that for yourself, but also for others whom you see suffering. Things can seem so hopeless at times, but there is always another outlook, even though you cannot imagine in your mind how that can be and how change is going to take place. Life is always stronger than death, the Light stronger than the dark. The water eventually breaks through a dam, because water has the power to move: it pushes, it is alive! The power of the water is stronger than the resisting force that wants to hold it back.

Feel the driving force of life in yourself for a moment. Each of you sometimes finds yourself with parts that are stuck, patterns that repeat themselves endlessly: doubts about yourself, feelings of inferiority, uncertainty, mistrust, anger, resistance. Now imagine that those parts are just there, and that life continues to flow around them at the same time. The water continues to flow, and although there remain boulders in the stream that seem so fixed and unmoving, they still are worn down by the movement and pushing of the water moving past them. It takes time, but do not forget who you are: you are the living water! The more you remind yourself of that, the more you can reclaim the energy from those boulders and stones that lie in the stream. There is pain from the past that continues to be there. You do not have to downplay that, or make it irrelevant, but neither do you have to lug those boulders from the river. You only have to remind yourself that you are the water!

This can be difficult at times because, in part, you have become identified with those boulders that block your energy: “I am someone who is not properly grounded; I have difficulty feeling at home on Earth; I carry sadness and traumas from the past”. And that is all true, but imagine for a moment those ideas as rocks or stones in a large, wide river – a huge waterway. Because that is who you are; that is your actual life force. It is your soul that flows and flows, always along its path: alive, bubbling, rushing and roaring, exploring and discovering. That flow has no judgment about those boulders that it encounters, it engulfs them. You do have a choice!

Of course, you occasionally get stuck with your consciousness in such a blockage when you begin to identify with it for too long. But you can detach from that blockage by just experiencing yourself as the flowing water. Remember that you are a living, soul-consciousness, always moving and flowing and not bound to those boulders – you are free. The more you withdraw your consciousness from those blockages, the rocks that lie there, the easier they give themselves up to the flow. They release sooner because you let go of them and identify yourself with the moving water. The water is your soul, and it can not be held back. Feel it flowing and moving and sparkling. Imagine that it is washing over you, and feel the bubbling strength, the Light that sparkles in it. Feel how your soul, in its deepest part, is not threatened by the darkness that you experience; by those boulders that appear to be so solid and unyielding. Your soul is not at all troubled by what is there, because it knows the boulders belong there; they are part of the landscape of life. Try, when you are stuck within such a boulder, to hear the water rushing by. Remember the water and the ease with which it flows.

You do not have to do everything yourself. Life provides you with endless opportunities and possibilities. It might sometime bring you into deep, dark valleys, but it also propels you up again into the Light. Even when you have the feeling of no longer being able to struggle on, and you cannot see how things can ever turn out well, life still propels you. The art of living is to preserve your trust, even when there seems to be nothing left to trust, and when everything that you were certain of has disappeared from your life.

At this time on Earth, many people are involved with the processing of ancient darkness; parts of the soul are coming to Light right now and want to be seen. And why is that so? Because you are making a leap forward. It is really a leap in the evolution of the consciousness of humanity. This leap cannot be made without reaching out to the darkest places in your consciousness, those that are filled with fear, distrust, or a very deep sadness about everything that you have experienced on Earth. Do not be afraid of that darkness – welcome it! When you say “yes” to the darkness, it begins to release and flow, and that is the art of living this life. And when you feel: “I can’t really say yes to this”, remember there is something in you that still says “yes”. That is what will save you and bring you along further – trust in life.

I love you all, you are dear to me. Maybe you think: “How can that be? You can not know us all personally”. But you as a human do not know or realize how extensive the network of souls really is. When you have connected from the soul with another, that is a permanent connection. A bond once forged will not separate through time, because in our dimension there is no time. There is a living network connecting us as souls. We share a certain history, a certain desire, a flame that was once ignited in our consciousness. With this flame the Earth becomes gradually lit. The awakened consciousness in all people brings us together and creates a new foundation, from which that leap into consciousness is really going to take place. You do not need to ponder over this. Stay with your own process, your own way – that is sufficient. Feel the powerful thrust of life, not only in you, but in many others, through which a wave of consciousness is flooding over the Earth.

© Pamela Kribbe 2012

Death and beyond

Death and beyond

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Spring 2009
Translation by Joep Boink

Dear friends, beloved angels of light, I greet you all.

It is from the heart of the Christ energy that I, Jeshua, reach out my hand and extend my greeting to you.

Beloved angel, know that you are cherished. Know that you are loved unconditionally, even now while you reside in a body of flesh and blood, a mortal body. Even while living within the boundaries of this temporary home, you are still unconditionally part of God, the Home for which you long so much. You have never truly left Home, yet you do not recognize the eternal flame which remains alight forever within your being. Get in touch with that light in this moment, cherish yourself, know who you are. A light burns within you, so beautiful and pure. How come you ever doubted this?

Today we speak about dying. Much fear exists concerning death. Fear of annihilation, fear of oblivion, fear of being swallowed up by the big black hole associated with death. As so often the case in the earthly dimension, you tend to turn things topsy-turvy and present them exactly opposite to the way they actually are. In reality, death is liberation, a homecoming, a remembrance of who you really are.

When death comes, you effortlessly return to your natural state of being. Your consciousness blends with the flame of light which is your true identity. Earthly burdens are lifted from your shoulders. Residing within a physical body imposes limitations on you. It is true that you chose to dive into this state of limitation because of the possibility for experience it had to offer. Nevertheless it’s a sensation of bliss to be restored to your natural angelic state. The angel inside you loves to fly and be free, to freely investigate the myriad of worlds which constitute the universe. There is so much to explore and to experience. Once you are born into an earthly body, you more or less lose touch with this angelic freedom and sense of being without limits.

Please join me now, as we go back to the moment just before the dive into your present incarnation. On an inner level you permitted yourself to commence this earthly life. It was a conscious choice. Perhaps you have forgotten about this, and you occasionally feel doubtful about whether you really want to be here. Yet there has been a moment in which you said “yes”. This was a courageous choice. It is an act of great bravery to temporarily trade your angelic freedom and sense of non-limitation for the adventure of becoming human, of becoming mortal. That adventure holds a promise that makes it all worthwhile. Feel the “yes!” that once rose from your soul. Remember also being drawn to earth. Feel how you connected to earth reality, and feel the moment you descended into the embryo within your mother’s womb. You may notice there is heaviness surrounding planet earth, a certain greyness or thickness.

There is much suffering on earth. Pain, loss, fear, negative thoughts are part of earth’s collective atmosphere. And that is what you, as a freshly incarnating soul, passed through. Your light found itself a way through this darkness and in doing so an unavoidable veil of ignorance fell over your original angelic awareness. Feel the sadness of that event, and behind it, your courage and bravery. You were determined: “I am going to do it. Once more, I am going to root myself into this earth reality, in order to find my own light, in order to recognize it, to rediscover it, and to pass it on to this world which is so in need of it.”

Yes, it has been a leap into ignorance. Temporarily forgetting who you are, not remembering your unbound state of being is part of being human. You forget that you are safe and free, no matter where you are. Being human, you set out to reclaim that natural sense of freedom and safety. In your quest, you can become ensnared by powers that seem to offer you what you are looking for, but in fact are making you dependent on something outside of you. You may lean upon judgments coming from outside yourself, telling you how to behave in order to be loved. These false images of Home, these substitutes, tend to sadden and depress you. Indeed, the journey down from heaven to earth has been a tough one. Death, however, transports you back to the plane of eternal love and safety. It is in dying that you surrender to who you have always been. If you die consciously, if you can accept death and surrender to it, dying becomes a joyous event.

What happens when you die? Before you die, you pass through a stage of parting and letting go. It is a phase wherein you say farewell to earthly life, to your loved ones. This can be difficult, yet at the same time it offers you the possibility to reflect deeply upon who you are, and what you have learned and accomplished on earth during your lifetime. In the grief you may sense in letting go of your loved ones, it becomes ever so clear what connects you to them. It is a bond of love which is immortal. This bond is so powerful that it effortlessly passes across the boundary that is death. Love is an inexhaustible source, forever giving rise to new life. Do not fear to lose your loved ones, for it is in the moment of saying goodbye that the bonds of unconditional love are reinforced and given new life. For it is certain: when you part in love, you will meet again. You will find one another again, effortlessly, because the shortest way to another always remains the way of the heart.

If you have loved ones who passed over, you can be sure that they are near to you at the level of the heart. Feel their presence, for they are here among us, extending their greeting to you. They feel privileged and free. They are free from the doubt which plagues so many on earth and they yearn to share with you the love and kindness which is available to you at all times.

Those who remain behind often associate the phase prior to their loved one’s dying with feelings of sadness and loss. It is natural to grieve the departure of a loved one; it is natural to miss and yearn for the loved one’s physical presence. However, we encourage you to try and feel that with their departure a gate toward a new dimension is opened, a dimension where communication is of a nature so pure, clear and direct that it rises above the methods for communication commonly used on earth. You can have direct communication with a loved one after they die, from your heart to their heart. This way, misconceptions which used to stand between you can easily be cleared, once you honestly and openly communicate with the other. Your message will be received, always.

Once you yourself have died, you will view people who are living on earth from a different perspective. You will be more tolerant, mild and you will find yourself with an increased sense of wisdom. You will not be completely balanced all at once, because there are emotions and feelings that you take with you and which need to be dealt with. You will not be perfect or omniscient once you let go of physical life. And that’s not so bad really, for there is still so much to experience and discover on this side! Yet, in most of you there is a new perspective. The dimension of eternity is tangible and this respectfully mitigates your view of what occupied you and the people directly around you during your stay on earth.

Now, what happens to YOU once you pass the boundary of death? Once you have gone through the mourning stage, the stage of saying farewell, you will feel start to feel death drawing closer. The focus of your consciousness now changes. Letting go of the outside world, the people, your body, it will now turn within and move deeper inside of you. Your awareness of the outside world diminishes and this allows you to prepare for the inner journey you are about to embark on. If you consciously accept death, you will experience a “getting ready”, a readiness to truly let go. For your loved ones, this is the moment to let you go, for you need all your strength to turn within and prepare yourself.

Dying need not be a painful process. What actually takes place is of a grand and majestic nature. Dying is a holy event wherein the soul connects with itself in a most intimate manner. During the final stage, the dying person senses the earthly dimension in a detached way: the body, the scents, colours, and other physical sensations. Another dimension is entering their awareness, with a radiance so promising and inviting, that it is not so hard anymore to surrender and leave all things earthly behind. Even the presence of your loved ones will not stop you from going now. The energy of Home – God, heaven or whatever you want to call it – is so overwhelmingly kind, warm and reassuring that it become easy to let go and return your tired and worn-out body to earth.

Once you let go in peace, your soul will rise up from your body gently and fluidly. You will feel supported by universal forces of wisdom and love. If you die without resistance, your immediate surroundings will be filled with warm and loving energy. You will experience an unspeakable sense of relief. You are free, and everything becomes clear. You remember the omnipresence of Love, not as an abstract idea but as a palpable reality. While on earth, you called this kind of love “God”, and you kept a biased, human image of what this God “wanted from you”. You were convinced that there were certain demands made by this God, demands to which you usually did not comply. But here in this dimension, you recall what God’s will truly is: to ensoul you, to inspire you, to experience creation through you and to finally recognize Itself in your countenance. God wanted to become human through you. The goal of the universe’s evolution is YOU: God become human!

God is the source of creation, and you are its fulfilment. You, who have given the light of God human form, are never judged for being human. Instead you are honoured. The idea of a vengeful God is yet another perversion, a reversal of truth instigated by fear. God recognizes Itself in you, regardless of what you do or don’t do. When you are back on this side, you become aware of this again, and a truckload of self-judgment and feelings of inferiority will slide off your shoulders. You will feel the original joy of living again, safe in God’s hand.

Soon after your arrival here, you will perceive light beings around you. There will be guides to assist you and people you knew who passed over before you. Sometimes it will surprise you who you will run into over there: people whom you met only briefly, but who touched your heart deeply, may be there alongside lifelong friends and relatives. Anyone you had a connection with based in love, will come to greet you at some point. Once again, it becomes so clear to you that saying farewell is but an illusion, that the heart-connection is eternal. You will experience a sense of thankfulness and of awe, as you enter this plane of unconditional love and wisdom.

After you arrive on this side, there is a phase of adjustment, in which you get used to your new environment and slowly release your attachment to earth life. You will need to acclimatize. There will be guides to support you who are specialized in this. You will still have a body yet it will feel more fluid than the physical body you were used to. Most likely it will take on the appearance of your most recent physical body. Although there is freedom to take on any appearance that you desire, most people appreciate some continuity for a while. You are also free to create your own living conditions, for instance a beautiful house with a lovely garden, in a natural environment you were fond of while on earth. It is quite all right to live out your earthly fantasies on this plane, which I refer to as the astral plane. This is a dimension or realm of being which allows for much creative freedom, although it still resembles and is closely connected to the dimension of physical earth.

Some people have had difficulty accepting death on earth and their transition to the other side may have been less peaceful. They usually need more time to adapt to their new life circumstances. Sometimes it takes a while before they truly realize that they have passed on. Some people have suffered a long-term illness, and find it hard to shake the idea of being ill. They cannot fully believe they are healthy again, and it often takes the patient and gentle support of a spiritual guide to help them release their old body. The old body can stick to the soul, purely as a concept, as a thought-form. The same goes for emotional habits and patterns of behaviour. They can repeat themselves on the astral plane until the soul discovers its freedom, its power to let go and open up to something new.

Another possibility is that a soul remains attached to the earth realm, to loved ones in particular, because they died suddenly or very young. This can happen in the case of accidents, disasters, or when the person was in the prime of life. These are situations in which a particular soul did not feel ready or prepared to make the departure. Dying in those cases is more or less traumatic. There is loving support on this side for these traumatized souls, as there always is. Sooner or later the soul will reach a state of acceptance and understanding of the situation. There is always a viable reason for what seems to be a premature departure from the earth plane. Dying is never a coincidence.

As your stay on the other side extends, your spirit expands into wider and deeper levels of awareness. More and more will you let go of the ways of thinking and feeling you were used to on earth. Essentially, you gradually go back to the core of who you are, your soul, the divine spark within. The more you enter – or return – to that state of consciousness, the more you detach yourself from your earthly personality and the dimension of earth. You will sense a flow of being which reaches beyond that aspect of you. You will get in touch with other lifetimes you spent on earth, incarnations wherein you embodied other aspects of your soul. You become aware of the boundless space that is your soul and the many experiences you have gathered on your journey through the universe.

When people on earth connect to you now, they will sense a person who has gained in wisdom and spiritual love. In fact, as you are moving closer the core of your soul, you are leaving the astral plane and entering what I call the essential plane, the realm of Essence. Most people stay on the astral plane for quite a while after they have died. They look back on their life on earth and reflect on all the experiences they have gone through. In the astral realm, you can experience both joy and depression, both positive and negative emotions. Your surroundings mirror your inner psychological reality. The emotions you have to come to terms with, take on the form of colours, landscapes and encounters. You often visit the astral realm in your dreams, so you are familiar with this field of awareness. In your esoteric literature, when they speak of many layers or spheres in the afterlife, ranging from dark to light, it is the astral plane that is referred to.

On the astral plane, you get a chance to sort out the emotional luggage you’ve brought along from your recent life on earth. In this you are assisted by several loving guides. At some point, you will let go of all your attachments and emotional pain, and you’re ready to move beyond the astral plane altogether. That’s when you pass on to the plane of essence. When this happens, it is like a second death. You leave behind anything that does not truly belong to you and allow yourself to merge with the greater You, your divine core. The moment you pass on to the essential plane, you will be aware of the immense power that moves you. You will experience your oneness with God.

The plane of essence, the plane of the eternal You, is the seat of the divine consciousness from which all creation originates. I ask you to take a moment to connect to this plane, here and now. It is not far away. It permeates everything, both the astral plane and the earth plane; it permeates the entire cosmos. The presence you sense here is the presence of God, pure and untainted. It may be sensed as a deep silence, completely peaceful yet brimming with life and creativity. From this source springs all of creation and to this source it shall return.

When you reach the essential plane in afterlife, you will be able to make conscious choices regarding your future destination. On this plane you may arrange, with the help of teachers and guides, another incarnation on earth, or plan a different journey, dependent on your goals. You can clearly hear the voice of your soul on the essential plane. It is from this plane that you once said “yes” to the life in which you now find yourself.

Take a moment to remember what it felt like to be on this plane. The more you become aware of this dimension during your life on earth, the easier it will be to die peacefully and, after your death, to move beyond the astral plane into the plane of essence.

Death is nothing more than a transition, one of the many transitions you go through in life. Birth is a transition. Life on earth knows so many moments of transition, of passing through and letting go. Just think of it. The body you now reside in has at one time been very small, a vulnerable little baby. And yet your soul, the divine essence inside you, was already working through you when you were that vulnerable little baby. When you reached maturity, many of you got swallowed up by the demands which life on earth made on you, and you were confronted by fears and doubts. The awareness of your divine core, your soul, got pushed to the background. However, there arrived moments in your life when the dimension of divine awareness opened up again. This often happened at moments during which you had to let go, when you had to say farewell.

Maybe it was saying farewell to a loved one, perhaps letting go of a job; any conceivable scenario. Such events are transitions which resemble dying, not in a literal sense but on a psychological level. You are being asked to let go on a deep level, and it is exactly during those moments of letting go that you can start to feel the reality of your eternal Self, the divine light that burns inside you. This reality remains with you unconditionally, even when everything around you falls away. And so it is when it comes to physically dying. If at that moment you are courageous enough to let go, the plane of the eternal will embrace you and you will experience a very strong awareness of who you really are.

Dying in conscious surrender is a holy event, filled with life and beauty. The majesty of what is enfolding will be tangible for those present. The more the ones who are present have experienced “dying while being alive”, the more they will be filled with awe and reverence about the transition they are witnessing.

With regard to all the transitions available in creation, ranging from physical birth and death to moments of intense emotional detachment during your life, the pivotal question ever remains not whether you will survive, but whether you are able to retain the connection with your own divine core. Can you stay in touch with the plane of Essence, your origins, Creation’s heartbeat? Connecting with the essential plane often during your life is the best way of preparing yourself for death, and for what lies beyond. By becoming aware now – prior to physical death – that the very core of who you are does not depend on the current physical body you reside in, nor on the identity which you assume in the world, do you set yourself free to smoothly make the transition once the moment arrives.

Connecting with the essential plane is a choice you make. Dying in itself won’t get you any closer to it. After dying, you will very much be the same person as you are now, albeit endowed with different possibilities and given a wider perspective. Yet the crucial question ever remains: do you remember yourself? Are you able to consciously connect with that dimension of timelessness which flows through you and which truly inspires you ?

You are un-perishable, dearly beloved angels of Light. Take faith in this. Let yourself be comforted and supported by this knowledge when your hour of death arrives; and now also, while you struggle with the issues of your life.

In order to die peacefully, you are asked to detach yourself on the inner level from anything that ties you to earthly existence. Practice this detachment continually while you are living, and you will be prepared to die.

You may ask: “Isn’t it tragic to detach yourself from life, while you are standing in the middle of it?” The answer is: “No. Instead, it is testament to a truly powerful spirit.”

What does detachment mean? It means that you pay attention to essence, that you do not get caught up in non-essential matters. It means you do not create unnecessary emotional drama; it means you experience joy in the simple things of life. To practice detachment and stay tuned into the plane of essence entails being aware of a hidden dimension, which lies directly underneath and behind the observable. It means to renounce quick judgment in terms of good and bad, and to trust a cosmic intelligence which far by exceeds the human mind.

Many of you are trapped in a thinking fever. You feverishly consider life; how to solve problems, how to accomplish all the things you think you need to do. You are very fixed on organizing life through your will and your mind. Detachment means you take this thinking aspect of yourself less seriously. Is this a tragic thing to do? No. Instead, it brings light and airiness to your life.

It is by your excessive urge for control that life becomes a struggle, tiring and heavy. Detachment brings peace of mind, humour and thoughtfulness. Being aware of the finiteness of life inspires the natural desire to cherish life. And it is there where your divine core can effortlessly flow through you, from the essential plane to your earthly reality. Once that happens, you will have conquered death before you have died.

© 2009 Pamela Kribbe,

Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth

Pamela channels Jeshua

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I welcome you here today, and I greet you all from the bottom of my heart. It is my greatest pleasure to be with you. I admire you for your courage and perseverance.

You have come on Earth in order to contribute something to this time of transition. You all carry a very precious gift within you: the gift that you are. And you want to give it to the Earth, because you love her. You have been on Earth many times and a part of you belongs to her.

You are light bearers. You desire to bring light into a reality that has been immersed in darkness, where darkness stands for fear, ignorance, and a desire for power. And you yourself have also been lost in that darkness, because a part of your mission is for you to become acquainted with the darkness so that you might find the strength from within to overcome it.

You have immersed yourself in darkness in order to experience what the light looks like, and what it feels like to rediscover yourself on Earth as an angel of light. The original discovery happened quite naturally, because when you are in an atmosphere of light, love, and security, there are almost no boundaries between you and the whole. But what you have now done, what your mission was and is, is for this light – this sense of oneness and complete security – to be brought to Earth so it might incarnate in this earthly atmosphere.

In doing so, you are apt to waver, because you sometimes doubt if you can truly lay a foundation of this energy on Earth. There are doubts and fears, and so I want to help you remember who you really are. I want to bring you back to the atmosphere of light and love from which you originally came by asking you to envision that you are now there. In this way, we anchor a portion of that atmosphere here and now on Earth. That atmosphere, you might say, is the atmosphere of Paradise, or what you imagine as Paradise.

Allow any images to arise that fulfill your idea of Paradise. Deeply hidden in your heart lies a spot where nostalgia exists for that place, for that love and light. Envision something concrete. Maybe you will see a beautiful landscape before you where everything flourishes and grows in profusion. See yourself walk through it and find a home for yourself. Create a landscape, a place, where you feel comfortable, where you are connected with nature and the countryside around you. Come to rest there, and just be in that place and listen to the sounds of nature.

See the light around you, and the plants and trees that bloom. Feel the abundance of who you are, because this is you. This environment expresses who you really are. Take the healing energies of nature into you. Feel the magic of who you truly are, which is an angel in the depths of your being. Divine powers of creation belong to your nature. You are the source of all your creations; you can manifest whatever you want, and attract whatever you need. If you are in this place, in your portion of Paradise, then it is easy and you will see that this way of being is natural for you. Feel the peace of this place deep in all the cells of your body. And feel how from this place you have traveled many times to Earth, as well as to other realms, perhaps less dense and material than Earth, or perhaps other planets. The important fact is that you have made many journeys; you, the soul, that core, that divine spark, which rests deep within you.

Imagine for a moment that you are a sun and you consist of a warm comforting light that fills you, and from the center of that sun you send out rays to all kinds of realities. One of those rays is now incarnated on Earth, and that is you. You are here to search for opportunities and ways to establish your light on Earth; ways to radiate your solar power as much as possible so it can shine on to Earth. Yet it sometimes can be that you get lost, that you feel stuck in a dead-end alley and you are unable to really experience your own light. I ask you to let that idea go, the idea that things are not possible, that you are stuck, that you are powerless. Try to let go of that feeling of contraction for a moment.

Just imagine that you actually get out of that dead-end alley, and by using that ray of sun that you are, you get back to the center of the sun. Let go, for a moment, of everything in your life for which you try so hard, about which you fret so much, and whatever your mind dwells on. Let it all go, and using that beam of light that you are, sail with that ray in to the center of that sun, in to the core of your being. Find yourself back in that place in nature, in Paradise, where you feel that anything is possible; where you are not bound by time and by material limitations. Then imagine that on that spot, you find a creative activity that really suits you. You imagine that you live and work there, and whatever you need is at your disposal. There are also friends who support and stimulate you, and with whom you are connected in a loving way. Imagine that you live in this portion of Paradise in a community where you belong, and see what you would love to do there.

What creative task would come to you easily? Do not limit yourself in your imagination. What do you like to do? Do you like to work in nature? Do you enjoy making or building things? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you create art? Do you do something with music or dance? Or do you help other people in some way? And mind you, there are no restrictions – there is abundance. Your contribution is appreciated. Look for what you feel naturally drawn to, and then imagine that you do this activity. And look at what rhythm – how much and how often – you would like to be involved in doing that activity. What feels good for you? What makes you happy; what makes you content? Search for that moment in which you feel completely connected with the world around you and in which you feel: “This is me; this is the way I express myself”.

Feel the warm acceptance of the people around you and how nature thanks you for your contribution and appreciates you. You will add to the whole, because you are one with all others and yet you make a unique contribution to the whole. You sense how easily that happens; how you can draw from many incarnations in which you gathered experiences with this activity, this talent. This creative activity happens of its own accord, naturally, because you already know so much about it.

Then imagine that you take this creative activity of Paradise into the light beam of your present incarnation, and you let the energy from your inner sun-self slowly enter into your body – right here, right now. Hold on to that image: the ease, the love, the warmth with which this embodiment happens. Trust that these talents are going to manifest easily, and allow them to come into your physical heart, here and now. Feel again the magic of who you are. Let the light flow through your spine, all the way down to your tailbone. See this golden light slowly flow down through your tailbone, your legs and feet, and take root in Earth. And feel how enthusiastically Earth says “yes” to this golden stream that you are, because Earth wants to help you to manifest.

From this golden stream of light, look within to your fears and doubts, the part in you that feels powerless and unable to change your external circumstances. Imagine a dead-end alley where a part of you always bumps up against a wall. Then imagine how the golden light from your sun-self, that light full of love and compassion, flows into that alley in a completely accepting way and invites you to get out by letting go of the struggle. There are opportunities and possibilities awaiting you. Things are not always what they seem to be, and sometimes new opportunities come from an unexpected source that you can not anticipate with your rational mind. Now completely wrap that golden energy around yourself. Know that the security and love of that atmosphere of light from where you came is also available now, if you allow it to be so. You only need to say “yes”, and to trust.

You often struggle against yourself. There is a knowing in you, a desire, a homesickness to set down this golden light on Earth and to bathe yourself in it, and yet, at the same time, you falter because you get caught up in fears and doubts. I appeal to your determination and to your faith that you can keep persevering, for you all have made a long journey through many lifetimes and many centuries of time. You have come with a beautiful flower in your hand, a flower you want to plant here on Earth. And know you are being helped and supported by energies from beyond the Earth – spiritual energies.

Trust that, however slowly this happens, you are getting ever closer to the core of yourself. And by doing that, you are doing what you intended and that is to bring Paradise on to Earth. That is your mission and that is the advent of the new age. The New Earth is you bringing Paradise on to Earth. You bring a portion of your light and love, and the sense of security associated with the heavenly realm, on to Earth. That is the advent of the new age.

I greet you all from my heart and send you energies of encouragement and confidence. You are doing something grand and I want nothing more than to reassure and support you on your way.

© Pamela Kribbe

The New Era has begun

The New Era has begun

Pamela channels Jeshua

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends,

The New Era has begun. I am Jeshua. I am here with you in joy, and I am telling you: we are there, the New Era has begun! A new world unfolds in you and all around you. It has begun; a new Earth is emerging. And the old, the reality of the old Earth, as you can see, is falling apart and collapsing. You can see this happening every day on the news, in the events that occur on a global level, and also in small ways in the people around you who are in crisis. They are caught up in personal disasters, in financial matters, in relationship matters, or in matters of health, seemingly due to circumstances beyond them. All these events work as catalysts, as wakeup calls, which force you to go very deep inside and start looking for what is really there. What do you find there, and what actually grounds you in yourself, and how solid are you? What security is there to be found that belongs solely to you, and which is independent of what happens to you from the world outside you? Do you find a solid base there within, or do you seem to fall into a fathomless depth of uncertainty, fear and despair? That is what a crisis, a real crisis, does to someone. You are deprived of all certainties and everything is put at risk in your life. This is what the development of consciousness is doing with people in this era, at both the macro level, in global politics, economics and culture, and at the micro level, in individuals and in yourself. For you all have experienced this in yourself, and some of you are still experiencing how everything is shifting in your life. This is an era of intense change, and therein comes the arrival of the new – already visible.

I salute you all from within this newness I have seen being born in you. It is that part of you I contact here and not the part that is still stuck in old fears, and in doubt and uncertainty – I give my energy to the new part. I focus my attention, my observation there and so, I cause it to flourish. Feel my energy and my presence. Feel my gaze upon you, focused on the brightest and the most optimistic, hopeful, powerful, beautiful part of you, and feel how it lights up. Feel how you actually already know everything, and feel you are there, because you are there! You stand there and, within your earthly being, you carry the Light of your soul. Feel it in your heart; you have your Star Light anchored here on Earth. Your desire for inner liberation and awareness now translates into a New Beginning, and let it carry you through life – trust in life.

You need not do it alone; we all are here together. Feel the strength of our combined energy: it is neither a force that takes action, nor a power that is constantly busy. It is more like a fertile soil that supports and nourishes you, quietly and effortlessly. That is the feeling generated by the presence of like-minded persons. Feel these similar souls around you and also those of that more extended family out there; they are certainly richly represented in the Netherlands. You are no longer a loner who is opposing the established order, or who turns away because you do not belong. You are no longer that lone champion.

Right now is an era of change; the established order is on its way out. There are none of the old certainties anymore; there is an anxious void in the hearts of people. The things that always seemed so certain, and which could be mentally forced or manipulated, now slip like loose sand through your hands. This era calls for a deeper letting go of the old, and for a genuinely new foundation under your feet. You have already been on this road for some time, which is why you are the ones who can set an example for others. By doing so, again, not through action and in the hustle and bustle of being busy, but through the joy of being who you are. Now you can really relax; we are there! The New Earth is slowly growing and blossoming.

The energy of the New Earth lay dormant, first in the margins of this reality and then in its cracks and fissures, and it could never really get out. And so you often felt as Lightworkers, especially in previous lives, that you had to hide in nooks and crannies, and that you could not come out, or were not allowed to do so. Now the structures are collapsing, and the Light is set free to come forth from those narrow corners.

You may emerge, you are welcome, and now your energy is more than welcome. Although it may feel awkward for you, and you may wonder if it is really possible, I ask you to be generous with what has prevailed through your inner work: the wisdom you have amassed, and the silence and compassion in your heart. Let that show through for others and hide it no longer – let the Light flow. Feel at home on this Earth; it is your planet and, also, your Homeplace. Yet, I see how you all struggle with doubt and uncertainty, “are we welcome here, and will society benefit by the message we bring?” And the answer is: Yes!. But you do not have to think in terms of social structures or movements – just keep it small. In your personal life, there are many ways in which your Light can flow more clearly.

Look now at how you live in your daily environment, and look at how your energy flows there. Take one particular situation and allow it to come up spontaneously. Maybe it has something to do with your family, with a partner, or with something in the area of work. Do you allow others to see you as your really are? Do you dare show your true face, or your knowing, or your wisdom, or your greatness? Or do you hold back out of fear and old shame for all those eras and lives where you needed to hide in the shadows? It is now time for you to get used to this turnabout.

Some of you are still projecting the vision of a New Earth ahead of you: that it is still coming and that it lies in the future – not now, but someday. But I am telling you: it is now! The era is ripe and the change is taking place now, in the midst of chaos. Right now there are openings in the hearts of people. Take your rightful place and do not hesitate. And how do you do that? How do you now take your place in the world? How do you speak; how do you act; how do you live from your soul, from your deepest core? The characteristic of life in the New Era, the New Earth, is that there is always to be a connection with your soul and that you move along with the flow of that stream. Follow your heart, because therein lies the main key. And if you find that the old fear and doubt grab hold of you, embrace them with your heart, but be firm: “these no longer belong to me; this is a station I have already passed; my road now leads through the Gate.”

Be aware of what nourishes you and what gives you the energy of the New Earth. Search out those places, or those situations, or those people, which bring you back into your center, and which help you to realize who you are and to be free from the old. Now it can happen, because you have cleared the road yourself. I appeal to you: believe in yourself! Often, you still make yourself too small in your thoughts, “no, I can not do this, because I have not yet done this or that, and I need to release x or y, especially all my fears and doubts.” And it is true, in one sense, but what do you give your attention to – the dark? I look at the gold in you: the radiance of the new era, and I invite you to do the same, and to be surprised and amazed at all the beauty that is present in you and wants to shine. It is not a matter of ego or false pride to see yourself in this Light – it is the Light of God, finally; except that God is not something outside you, but a force that flows through you – inexhaustible, sparkling and creative. Welcome this magnificent, exquisite radiance in yourself!

And, of course, you can understand the causes when your human self is occasionally overcome by fears and doubts, by worried thoughts, but you no longer let them bowl you over. Feel your own dignity – feel that this dignity has the right to be – and treat the old, both in yourself and in others, with compassion. But do not be distracted by the old any more; you are beyond that.

So this is my message for today, stated very simply: you are there – we are there – the New Era has begun! Allow it to dance through all your cells and allow it to flow outward. No longer respond with unbalanced giving, or wanting to fight, or creating pressure for yourself. Be spontaneous: as natural as rays radiating from the Sun; as natural as a flower displaying its beauty in the Spring. Let it be your True Self that flows with what your heart inspires and do not be deceived by your mind that raises objections. Of course, be kind to the intellect, the doubts, but laugh about them. Go along on that joyous stream to the New Era, because it waits for you all. Through you will come the eminence of the new Earth.


© Pamela Kribbe 2012

Return of the wild woman

Return of the wild woman

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

This channeling is also available as audio file. The transcript has been slightly edited for purposes of readability.

Dear friends,

All three of us are present here today: Jeshua, Mary and Mary-Magdalene. We are honored to be here with you. We see you as our brothers and sisters. We are one at heart and for me, Jeshua, it is especially liberating to be here alongside my female friends. Because I am often seen as the one representative of the Christ energy. That is not the whole truth, however. There were women at my side in my life who were essential to my mission. In those times, it was not acceptable for women to do what I did, to be a public teacher. But my mother and Mary-Magdalene were both spiritual warriors. They helped me plant the seeds of the Christ-consciousness.

Today we speak of the male and female energies. My female soul mates and I speak in one voice. In your history, the female energy has become wounded in a profound way. This has had important consequences for both women and men on Earth. It is not just women who have suffered from the male dominion, men also have been wounded.

We will first discuss the female wound. We ask you to imagine a female person. She represents the whole of the feminine energy. Now the female energy has been degraded and treated with violence. The effect this had on women is that they withdrew from the lower part of the body where their power resides. Especially when there has been sexual violence, the emotional trauma causes women to retract their consciousness from the lower part of their body. It becomes hard for them to be self-aware and grounded. Envisage a woman in front of your inner eye. It represents the collective energy of women. In this image you can see that there is a kind of hole in the area of her belly. She has withdrawn her consciousness from this area and she feels insecure because she lacks foundation. Inside her belly you can hear screams of anguish and pain. And we would like to invite you all, both men and women, to radiate light out to this woman, to her belly. In this way you are also giving it to yourself.

Now Mary-Magdalene wants to speak.

I am Mary-Magdalene. I love you deeply. I am always with you. I have risen above the female wound and I now wish to touch this area of pain very gently to help women heal. I would like to see them being born again with joy and firmness, so that the power of the female can return in a peaceful way. I do not wish to fight or struggle. I come in peace and I have a special plea to women. You have all been wounded in history, but

in this time you are regaining your strength. This is your age, this is your time. I wish to remind you that men need help now as well. You as women are familiar with the wound in your belly, the pain and trauma of being degraded. But what happened to men?

Because of the dominating male energies in the past and the energies of power and oppression, men were forced to close down their hearts. They had to be strong and harsh, this was the ideal picture of being male. But in that way men became alienated from there feeling side. Many men got locked up in their heads; it became difficult for them to express their emotions and their feelings. The inability to connect with your feeling side, your feminine side, is also a wound. You do not live life fully if you cannot access your feelings. In fact, you are disconnected from your soul. In many men, there is a sense of loneliness and alienation which can be perceived as a hole in their hearts.

So you see: both men and women have been wounded in the past. Women’s wound is located in the belly, men’s wound is like a hole in their heart. I wish to say to women today that as you regain your power, as you recognize your true strength: reach out to men. They need your help; they have become estranged, alienated from home. Have the kindness in your heart to be compassionate with them. The New Earth can only be born if the two of you make peace. If men and women understand each other’s wounds, they can build a bridge between them.

I ask women to join me in sending light to the hole in your belly. From that light, a cord develops and goes right into the Earth. Feel your connection to mother Earth as a woman. Your feminine energy is so powerful and essential to life. Remember your true strength. As you feel your self-consciousness grow, reach out to men and send light to the hole in their heart.

You are on the verge of a new time in history. Your are meant to join together as men and women. You are invited to have joy and laughter again as human beings. In many of you I see tired warriors; you have struggled and struggled and some of you a very tired and disappointed. The answer to your pain lies in a very simple life. By that I mean: feeling truly connected to Earth again and enjoying the simple pleasures of being human. To experience the love between man and woman, to have friendship with likeminded people and to live in peace with your surroundings and with nature is the promise of the new Earth.

In my life on Earth I experienced the female wound deeply. I was a dear friend of Jeshua. I could feel his strength and wisdom but also his pains and doubts. There was an intimate understanding between the two of us. I experienced deep grief and sorrow when he had to leave Earth, when he was killed. Often, when he would speak to us, I could feel his messages not just in my head but throughout my whole body. I did not like to argue about his ideas, about his messages, like his male disciples did. In that respect, I was a little different from them. They sometimes mocked me and I felt lonely at times. I was regarded as a “wild woman”, I was unconventional. Presently, I am really joyful to see that wild women are welcome again in the world! Much has changed since the times of Jeshua. I tell you: wild women will be the leaders of the new world! I invite you all to stand up in your true power. In the past, when women were “wild”, meaning independent, unconventional and passionate, they were often labeled as hysterical. In the Middle Ages, they were called witches. But really, those women – I was one of them – were moved by love. Now it is time again for women to show their true power, not in any aggressive way but in a way that reconciles the male and female energies.

Thank you very much for being here with me today!

© Pamela Kribbe 2012

Two Types of Darkness

Two Types of Darkness

Pamela channels Jeshua

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan
Dear friends, I am Jeshua, an old friend who loves to share this afternoon with you, simply being together in the energy of love and unity. This is something you desire so much, because quite often you feel adrift and lost in life on Earth. I am here to remind you of the truth that lives within you, in your soul. It is not observable with the naked eye, and you often lose touch with that truth when you are busy and involved in your many activities, duties and responsibilities.

Please take a moment to become still and let all those external pressures fall away. Sense the silence deep within you. The silence in your heart is not a void, but a full presence that can only be sensed if you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are here today to take that step back in order for you to remember who you are, and to revitalize yourself with the fullness of silence in your heart. This enables you to begin to live again, but now with more ease and joy.

Life seems to be a battle at times, but that is not how it is meant to be. You are here essentially to experience yourself, to remember your strength and your beauty as radiant angels of light, and to share that light with others. By doing that you will feel at home on Earth. Life will become simple again, easy and joyful.

So go within, together with me, and remember the source from which you came: the imperishable, eternal Light that is ever moving and changing, taking new forms, and still always undivided and One. You are part of that stream, and in fact, nothing can happen to you. You are safe and whole even now, dwelling in your earthly body. You are safe even in this world, which seems to be dominated by struggle and conflict.

Today we talk about Light and darkness, and about bringing Light into darkness. And what is darkness? It is something that evokes resistance in you as a human being. No one wants to experience darkness; no one wants to suffer pain, sadness, or fear. Yet it is part of our life. So why is that darkness there?

People have asked this question for centuries. Now, to start with, much depends on how you ask the question. Do you ask the question from an attitude of openness: “Why is there darkness, why is this happening to me, what should I do with it?” Or do you pose the question from fear, anger, and resistance: “Why on earth is that darkness present in my life, and how can I beat or avoid it?” Feel the despair and the resistance the latter question expresses, and recognize those emotions within yourself, because it such a human reaction to resist what feels dark, unwholesome, or difficult.

The deepest challenge to you as a human being is to say “yes” to situations that you initially refuse to accept; to say “yes” to what you want to avoid at all costs. It requires great inner strength to say “yes” to what comes in your life in the form of darkness. If you can not find that strength, which is understandable, and you say “no,” you harden in opposition to that which happens, and the darkness becomes deeper and the despair increases.

There are actually two kinds of darkness in life. The first darkness is something external that happens to you on your path in life. It can be a divorce from someone you love, the loss of a loved one, a disease or an accident, anything that deeply distresses you: a crisis, a major setback. I will call this darkness one.

And then there is your reaction to it, your emotional response. Every human being is inclined to initially resist fate, to rail against the darkness. But if you keep up your resistance and close down and keep saying “no”, by passing judgment on what is happening in your life, then there is an additional layer of darkness, a second kind of darkness. I will call this darkness two. It surrounds darkness one.

Darkness one brings you into a level of intense, deep emotions. Something happens in your life that brings a lot of grief, fear, and pain, and as you experience those emotions, you are very much alive. Life flows through you as a thundering wave. Can you allow this to happen? Deep emotional burdens strike you – they shock you – and then it becomes a question of whether you have the strength to trust that there is something in that experience that will take you somewhere. That you trust that life has meaning, even though we, as human beings, often do not understand the meaning.

To put it in even stronger terms, to accept that your soul may have chosen to have this experience, perhaps to bring something hidden to the surface, to heal something you did not know needed healing. There is then a moment of choice when you are confronted with strong emotions: acceptance and surrender, or resistance and closing off.

It is most human to want to say “no”. I will not say it is wrong, but by doing so, you are putting an extra layer of darkness onto the darkness already present. This layer I will call “darkness two”, a second kind of darkness. This darkness comes from within; it is your reaction to darkness one. If you persist in saying “no”, the flow of your emotions will come to a stop and you will become stuck. “No, I do not want to experience this; I refuse; I cannot accept it”. If you persist, you will be filled with resentment, anger, and bitterness. These sentiments are not emotions really, they are judgments that freeze the natural flow of emotion inside you. Darkness two prevents life from flowing through you; you have put up walls and defenses. In the end, this may attract grave forms of darkness to you, such as deep despair, alienation and depression. When you are in a depression, the flow of life has almost halted. You feel dead inside.

Life is always subject to change. Life inherently holds the possibility for growth and healing, for a new birth, if you trust it at a basic level. But if you persist in saying “no”, you shut out that possibility. You keep insisting that life is not as it should be and as you judge life in this way you disconnect yourself from it. In this way, you reach the deepest darkness that a human being can experience. It is not darkness one (external situations) that brings people to the deepest level of darkness, it is the persistent refusal to accept the emotions arising from darkness one. This is darkness two: an inward hardening, a shutting down of your feeling nature.

How does one bring Light into this kind of darkness? If someone arrives in the first kind of darkness, and becomes very sad, anxious, and distressed, you can still reach them. They are still alive, they are in touch with the emotions running through their body and psyche and they actively seek for the meaning behind what is happening to them. This person is still whole and healthy from a psychological standpoint, even if they face very grave situations. A person dealing with darkness one is in need of comfort and compassion, and they are able to receive and appreciate a loving gesture from another – they are still very much alive.

But someone who persists in their refusal to accept, who keeps saying “no”, such a person closes off from receiving love. They shut down, not only against their inner Light, but also against the Light from outside that wants to come to them through others. That is loneliness, that is being lost – that is hell on Earth. And I tell you that each of you knows this hell from within. Maybe you are not quite aware of it, but for most people, a process of shutting down already started during their childhood.

You know how a child stands spontaneous and uninhibited in the world, and how their emotions flow easily. These emotions often pass quickly through their being, because there are no barriers put up, no closed gates. Generally, life freely flows through a child. There are exceptions, of course, because some children carry burdens from early childhood or past lives, but you get the point I am making. Being a child is to be in a state of relative openness. A child is alive and spontaneous because it can not be otherwise; it has not yet learned to rein in itself the way adults do.

But as you grow up, you start to experience emotions which you don’t know how to deal with. People are trained by society to shy away from difficult emotions. Thus, the adults around you often do not help you understand those emotions and they avoid speaking about it. Most of you become confused as a child. You start to believe you are strange and different. Maybe as a child you were still full of inspiration, enthusiasm, love, dreams, and those dreams bump against the harshness of reality. You begin to put up barriers against your feeling nature in reaction to the fears and prejudices that exist in your family environment, or later at school and in the people you meet. Doors close, and this often happens subconsciously, but some of you may remember it as an old grief.

See if you are able to find the child within yourself, the symbol of your spontaneity. A child who is outgoing, uninhibited, alive, and someone who says “yes” to what presents itself as experience. Can you see that someone who says “yes” to joy, pleasure, and enjoyment, as well as to grief, fear, and anger? Imagine that this child within wants to come to you. It is still there; space and time are illusions. In the inner reality nothing is ever lost. Your original life stream is preserved, and still wants to join you.

Imagine for a moment that a smiling child is coming to you with an attitude of openness. In your imagination, hear it say: “Do you remember who I am?” Look at that child, and ask what you can do for it. There is a heart-wish the child wants to see fulfilled, something you may have pushed away for a long time. Let the child speak for a moment. The child stands for the “yes” in you, the part of you that wants to live, so let it speak.

A child still possesses trust. As adults, you have absorbed ideas that are full of fear and mistrust, and that feeds the saying “no” to life and contributes to the darkness two in you, the second kind of darkness. Consider if you can now give shape in your imagination to darkness two; that part of you that is opposed to life, which no longer wants to experience pain, and which actually wants to escape this life. Can you feel that element of hardening and contraction within yourself? Can you feel it physically, or perhaps see a color associated with it?

There is a part in you that is very tired and no longer wants to live because it has seen and experienced too much pain and struggle. Feel the weight of that part. Can you say “yes” to it? Do not try to change it immediately; try to understand how that has come about. No one deliberately closes themselves off because of an unwillingness to live. It is an act of desperation; it is the not knowing that there is another way to live that leaves you with that reflex of shutting down, of shrinking back, of saying “no”.

I do not ask you to only say “yes” to darkness one in your life: the difficult events, illness, pain, suffering, or whatever. I ask you to also say “yes” to darkness two, to that within you that has closed itself off from life as a result of painful events; to that which no longer wants to experience life and refuses it. And to reach that part in yourself, you have to be very gentle, because insistence and coercion do not work there.

That is the essence of Light; the Light that can flow into the darkness. This Light can reach every corner because it carries no judgment. It does not say, “Oh, this is bad, we must break down this defense or that blockage, because life must flow again”. It never says that. The Light simply says: “I understand”. The Light says: “It has been so very difficult for you, I can see that. I can see how you have tightened up, how you have closed off yourself, and how that contraction has eventually made you tired and empty.” Light is gentle and fluid. It can penetrate into the deepest pain and suffering, and the most hardened human soul.

I ask you to again open yourself to that Light. If you cannot find that willingness within yourself, if you do not feel the openness to let go of the “no”, then allow that to be as well, because the Light is always there. It is with you even in moments of despair so deep that you feel that there is no more Light within you. It is there during those times, and in those situations, where you have totally lost touch with it and never again expect to see it.

The fact is, the Light is not yours, it belongs to all that is. The entire universe, and all Creation, is Light. Everything is imbued with Light. Know it is there and put your trust in life. As soon as you allow even a small opening for trust and surrender to enter into your life, you are opening the door a crack. You know that even during the darkest night, your soul is always near to you and reaching out to you with Light and consolation. Although that door is open only a tiny crack, the Light will find that opening. You do not have to do anything except allow it to happen. The Light is with you, life is with you. Ultimately, your “no” to life can not maintain itself.

I ask you to surrender to the Light, where Light means saying “yes”, not only to the difficulties in your life, but also to your problem with saying “yes”, the resistance you put up against deep emotions that make you feel naked and vulnerable. Become like a child again. Live! Say “yes” to everything. Envelop yourself with compassion and understanding. In doing this, you bring flow into your life, and you can do it! I see your strength. In each of you is a flame of consciousness, a bright flame of Light. I am here to remind you of it.

© Pamela Kribbe

The Interplay Between Soul and Earth

The Interplay Between Soul and Earth

Pamela channels Earth
Dear friends,

I am Earth. Feel me in the ground beneath your feet, in the air you breathe. Take a moment to sink down into me and relax. The tension that arises from the activity in your head settles into the tissues and muscles of your body. Know that your body will help you to let go of this tension because it is not natural for the body to hold so much tension: it wants to release it. Let your mind become empty, and allow your awareness to go lower in your body. Become aware of your feet, your ankles, and your knees, and allow your breath to descend slowly into your abdomen.

One of the reasons why you often do not feel secure or safe in your life is that you are not well grounded in your body. There is often a basic tension that pulls you upward, and causes you to center your awareness in your head – and you do this far too often! You are then overwhelmed by thoughts about other people, about what you still have to do, about what went wrong; all thoughts that cause anxiety and unrest and do not even necessarily match the actual facts.

Take a rest now from that busy head work, and your body can help you to do that. It would like you to relax and to rest. Allow the tension to drain away and your thoughts to gradually slow down. Feel your roots deep in the Earth. Your body belongs to this Earth; it is an extension of it, an expression of it. The cells in your body know how to strive for balance through a process of recovery. Ask your body the questions: “What do you need in order to relax? What does it take to get me out of my head? What can help me to embrace the natural state of my body, and to move along with it?” The body carries much wisdom in itself and is without ego. It wants to work together with you and to serve you, and is naturally focused on balance.

If you look at what emotions disrupt the body the most, you will see that fear is the main one. Fear grips your energy and causes you to lose your grounding, which in turn causes you to not listen sufficiently to the natural flow of your heart, your body, your soul. When you are taken over by fear, you contract into your ego and you withdraw your light from your body. The light can no longer flow naturally throughout your body or radiate outwardly. As a result of such contracting, you eventually become tired and exhausted, and you do not nurture your body in an optimal way.

The second energy that upsets a body is what I call the compulsion to control: to want to control things, to make them orderly, to set them to your will. When you insist on having too much control, to forcefully direct and try to be in charge of your circumstances, you then put too much pressure on life. You want to set it to your hand, and that drains and exhausts you. It brings you into confusion, because you try to control life from your head, and this often fails because there are larger forces that should be taken into consideration.

I want to tell you something about the interplay between soul and Earth, in whatever form that interplay takes between soul and body. Your soul is older than this one life. Your soul has visited the Earth many times and every time the soul again tries to create a channel, to form a path toward the Earth, so it can be seen through the body and manifest itself in this reality. And the body wants to readily cooperate. It wants to receive your soul and to let your soul-light radiate, because it is the nature of the body to take part in this process. It wants to receive the light of your soul into itself, because by doing this, the Earth itself is also nurtured and fed. I love to receive your light!

So you could say there is a vertical flow from Heaven to Earth. The soul descends and the body becomes imbued with the light of the soul – it is nurtured and inspired by it. The body receives the soul and the light passes through the body into the Earth. From that point of view, there is nothing to worry about and everything is fine, just as it should be. Why then all the anxiety, tension, and compulsive control? These obsessive, reactive energies have their origins in human society. They come from the thought forms that prevail there: the ideas, the standards, the judgments, especially those from the past.

So along with that vertical flow from Heaven to Earth, where your soul and body stand in positive relation to each other, there is also a kind of counter force at work. This happens more on the horizontal plane and creates a hindrance. These horizontal currents are the opposing forces from society that are based on fear and judgment, on the idea that life on Earth is entirely about survival, struggle, and competition with your fellow human.

Feel this energy for a moment in your own body. First see the positive flow from above to below; how your soul wants to descend and the Earth wants to receive your light through your body. That is how it is meant to be. See if you can feel this flow from head to toe, in an uninterrupted way. And now feel the influence that comes from society. Those urgings are mixed with fear, struggle, competition, the need to be better than another person, having to work hard, obligations, being in debt. Look what that flow does to you.

You can often feel, on a purely physical level, where those limiting negative energies affect you. They may already be in your stomach and abdomen, your chest and upper back, your throat. What matters, however, is that on your path in life, you feel ever more strongly the connection that runs vertically, the connection between Heaven and Earth, between soul and body. It is important that you are faithful to that flow so you feel very strongly that you are capable of facing the opposing forces of fear and mistrust on the Earth, so that in the end, they no longer have much affect on you.

When you begin to feel your vertical connection – this vertical channel – more strongly, you start to form your own counter force against those old energies and light then flows through you into the world. You are then helping to shape the collective energy on Earth and redirect it by making it more light and more radiant, so that it is easier for other people to believe in their flow between soul and body, their connection between above and below.

When living from your soul becomes a choice about how to live your life, it does not mean that you just align with your inner light, the flow from above to below; it also means that you separate from the old energies that are still working in society. It is then that you make a double movement. You break with the old world and, by connecting with your soul, you take a step into a new world that is intended to emerge and gradually grow on the Earth and become a reality.

In that sense, you are a consciousness pioneer, a lightworker who opens new possibilities, simply by traveling your own path. For many of you, it is that you stand at the cutting edge of turning toward a new path. However, you can still feel affected by the opposing forces in your life that you have absorbed from society: the judgments, the limitations, the negative thoughts that keep you back and impinge on your courage and your faith. Have pity and compassion for yourself when this happens. There is alive in you a child who is, on the one hand, full of inspiration and able to reach high into the sky with its dreams and visions. But on the other hand, it is fragile and sensitive to love and recognition from others. This child needs you with your strong, powerful consciousness that takes it under its protection when necessary.

Imagine that you now feel this child present in the area of your abdomen and heart: in the middle of your torso, in the center of your body. Feel the wisdom of this child and also the freedom from care and its originality. This child, in its originality, does not concern itself with what society thinks it should and should not do – it is just what it is. Feel for a moment that radiant light, so earthly and so heavenly at the same time. This living child in you is a beautiful fusion of heavenly and earthly energies. At the same time, it is a child who has to learn to find its way in earthly reality and for that it needs you.

When the child is overcome by fears: a feeling of being too small, of not being able to stand up to fear or negativity or judgment from the outside world, it needs you in order to feel nurtured and supported. Whenever this child seeks love or recognition outside itself, the intention is that you support it, that you give it what it needs. Envelop this inner child with your strength and love. And by that I mean the energy of the Earth: the security, personal space, and strength that is so needed by the child.

Boundaries are also necessary for this child. In this earthly reality, it is essential that the child in you learn when to give and when to receive, and when it is appropriate to not involve itself and to set a boundary. Feel how the child needs that firmness from you, and give it to her or him.

Maybe you think: “Doesn’t that child know these things already?!” But the child has need of an adult, a guide, in order to find its way here in the earthly reality. A child is naturally unlimited, which would work well in a reality in which the energy of the child is the same as the energies around it, when there is a like-mindedness and the energies are naturally given and received. But in this earthly reality, and the arena of any given social environment, it is necessary for you to know where your energy is welcome and can flow well, as well as to know where and when to withdraw and to draw a boundary.

This is the process of attunement that you need to do for the child. The child allows you to see what is needed through its emotions; if it becomes sad in a particular situation, for example, or angry or restricted. And it is up to you to be responsive to this signal in order to protect the child and support it by way of your actions. That is your job as an adult. Then the child feels safe and secure, and feels seen and heard by you.

When you are receiving your soul-light in your everyday life, it is necessary that you guide that energy toward the Earth. The child in you wants to receive and radiate and live from that energy, but it can also be made anxious by the opposing forces which exist in the world, and you can guide it. You want to set down something grand and beautiful and light from your soul. However, from your inner child there are sometimes also anxieties or deep fears that hold you back. You are the channel between the two: your soul and the child.

When you want to connect from your heart with the Earth, and to follow your inspiration, imagine that you hold on to your soul with your left hand. Imagine it as much bigger than you are. It stands to the left of you and you hold the hand of this soul figure that is the essential you. You can see it as an angel, or a beautiful radiant figure. Feel the stunning grand light of this figure, imbued with love, joy, and wisdom.

Now imagine a child next to you on your right side and you also hold its hand. Your reach out your right hand to this child. This child is also beautiful and radiant, but in a childlike way, innocent, sometimes naïve, and, at times, somewhat impulsive. The child is the keeper of your life force, it contains your roots to the Earth. The child is your connection to the Earth, and the intention is that a fusion, a union, take place within you between soul and child, Heaven and Earth. Sense whether you can now feel this: the child on your right side and your soul on your left side. Be the channel between the two.

Or you can imagine that your soul stands behind you, a big, warm, loving figure, while the child is centered in your abdomen and you let the energy flow in that direction, from behind to in front. Whichever way you do it, become aware of your own position in the middle; literally, you are a mediator. You are the guide for the flow of energy. You sense when it is time to take a new step or direction in order to allow the soul energy to flow, while taking into account the deeper emotions of the child in you who has to carry out this step in the reality of everyday life

I would like to illustrate this in concrete terms. Imagine that you are in a situation in your everyday life with a job that initially attracted you. However, you now increasingly feel: “This is not me at all, there is something in me that is not being addressed in this work”. You feel discontent, and maybe you sleep badly. You feel tension in your body and you try to first solve this dilemma in all kinds of ways without changing anything at the core. Maybe the problem is one of not being recognized sufficiently, or of feeling that you cannot express yourself in your work, and this is true for many of you.

When that happens, it is because your soul power is awakening. It knocks at your door and this raises anxiety in you because it announces change. You could say that your inner child reacts by dividing into two aspects. On the one hand, it longs for more imagination, freedom, and space to move in. It feels the need to play and be creative. On the other hand, it is afraid of being scolded because it is veering off the beaten path by wanting to do something new, outside society’s accepted norms.

A child is naturally more vulnerable to external influences and it reacts more strongly to them, so it needs your strength, your perseverance, your determination not to listen to them. It needs you to let go of feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and fear, and instead to surrender to your soul power. See how you play a mediating role. Whenever you are more open to your soul – and you want that because that is the purpose of your life – then, firmly by the hand, hold on to your inner child with its need to feel safe.

You can give the child that security, and the key to doing that is for you to know you are the anchor for this child; not the world, but you. It is you who teaches the child that you are able to offer it the security it needs, so the child does not have to seek that safety from parents, the work environment, friends, or colleagues. You are the anchor, the foundation is in you. That is your job – your role as a mediator between Heaven and Earth. Be the parent of your inner child, be its guardian and protector. Your soul energy can then descend deeply into the area of your abdomen, into your emotions and your roots. The child in you can then feel safe and secure and supported, and be able to step out with confidence into the outside world.

In many people, it happens that they are open to the light of their soul and the inspiration that goes with that: the longings and the dreams. However, the area of their abdomen remains closed to them, because there are emotions of fear alive there that do not want to be seen, because of feeling shame or powerless. As a result, the inspiration, the soul-light cannot properly anchor, cannot be properly rooted in everyday life, in everyday thinking and acting, which in the end, throws a person out of balance. The result is a gap between your dreams, wishes, and desires on the one hand, and the day-to-day reality on the other. But your soul’s intention is for you to bridge that gap, so you may believe in, and realize, your dreams and your desires.

Take the child in you by the hand; teach it to turn inward and come to you when it is full of doubt and uncertainty. Teach it to be independent of the influences from the world outside you. Then you become strong, powerful, and grounded and the flow of your soul can be channeled into the Earth.

This is a process that takes place step by step, and each person travels a unique road. Feel the forces of Heaven and Earth that want to support you in doing this process, and feel at the same time your main role as a mediator. In this role resides your greatness: that you cooperate with these forces of Heaven and Earth, of your soul and your inner child.

Thank you for your attention and it is my deepest wish to extend my love to you.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

It’s about you!

It’s about you!

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

September 20 -2007, Tilburg

Dear friends,

I am filled with joy as I come near to you today and share my energy. I share my energy with you, but you are sharing as well. Your Light shines and radiates upon the world, even though you do not always realize this. You are making the difference on earth, here and now, in this age in which so much is changing.

At this point of time, there is a bursting open of Light. Consciousness is evolving on earth and it stirs the dark to come out of its hiding place. It brings to the surface much that is old and rotten, for all to see. This is why this age appears so contradictory in its manifestations. Consciousness grows, but it may become darker before the Light gains a foothold and truly shines in your world.

You are the ones that drive the old to the surface, you force it into openness by your consciousness, by your Light. This is what you feel called to, this is who you are. You are lightworkers. You are souls with a deeply sensed mission; you are moved by a calling that gripped me as well during my life on earth. Many of you were followers of me back then, or better put, followers of the teaching and energy that I disseminated.

I am your heart, I am your soul. I am not just that one human being who once lived on earth and who is now returning to you. I come here before you as the expression of the Christ energy: your oversoul, the energy that binds you, that is your source and origin. It is a field of energy that is now moving closer and closer to earth, touching the hearts of many people and affecting their emotions.

This wave of Light brings much confusion to people who are not ready for change. They feel insecure, they experience a lack of meaning in their lives, and they do not know how to deal with these confused emotions. And you are the ones on earth who are here to radiate Light to these people. You are the pioneers, you are the teachers of this New Age. Now you may ask yourselves: am I ready to do that? How should I go about? How do I radiate or express my Light? The answer is simpler than you think: you are already doing it. You are doing what you came to do.

One of the reasons why you have so many doubts about yourself is that you fear to face up to your own grandness. In your everyday life, you still harbour a lot of negative thoughts and emotions about yourself which make you wonder: ”Can I really be anchored and rooted in this place called earth, am I really at home here? Do I truly fulfill my mission here?” And I am telling you: especially when you are challenged by fear, despair or gloominess, you are able to fulfil your mission. Because right there is where your Light is needed the most. No one is better equipped to heal the pain inside of you than you are. In lighting up your own inner darkness, with love and compassion, you are setting up an example of lightwork that radiates outward to others and encourages them to light up themselves.

You are old and come from afar. You are nearing the completion of a cycle of lifetimes. And now, at the end of this cycle, your energy has become gentle, full of compassion and wisdom. But you have also become discouraged, and you get depressed now and then, when you look at the state of mother earth, this beautiful creation of plant, animal, and human kingdoms, which could be so full of life and vitality. Also, when you observe your relationships to others, you often feel that something is lacking. You miss a certain openness, love, gaiety, connectedness. You are homesick for a reality in which you can share this with others. This pains you. You have pain about the world. You have pain about the people near to you. You have pain about yourself. You sense homesickness and a deep love within that you find hard to express and embody here on earth.

But I say to you that you are on the threshold of a New Era. Have faith, I am here with you to support and encourage you. However you are the ones who cross the barrier, you are the ones who carry on my work. You are the Christs of the New Era. Especially when you feel down and tired, losing all confidence, please open up to this new possibility, the light that is dawning, and surrender to it. Do not try to fight or struggle with your fears and gloominess. They are there – let me take care of it. Feel my energy here and now, I am with you.

I am you, we are one. Allow the light and comfort of the Christ energy to be with you and feel how we are all connected by this powerful carrier of Light. You are the Christ of the New Era.

Now I would like to ask you to direct your attention to the hurt part of you, the inner child which has felt beaten and humiliated throughout many lifetimes on earth. You have gone through a lot, both in this lifetime and in past ones. It is this dear child within you, physically located in your belly, that needs care and attention. Especially, it needs patience and trust from you. This child, this emotional part of you, does not heal at once. It has been wounded deeply, and from this hurt it creates negative emotions in your life, such as loneliness, fear, feeling abandoned or rejected. These emotions point at your deepest wound. It is not even death that you fear most. It is the sense of total disconnection from God that constitutes the deepest agony. Feeling separated from the loving presence of Spirit, cut off from the natural light and connectedness of Creation, has created the heaviest burden inside of you. I am asking you to see that pain inside of you and to reach out your hands to the hurt child inside.

Just imagine that you are an angel, a representative of the realms of Light, and feel how your angel energy envelops your body with a soft and warm cloak. It is a golden energy that cherishes you and you can feel how it circles around you, from head to toe. Notice how hands of gold reach out to your belly, to the small and innocent child within. Tell the child it is welcome and precious beyond words.

Say “hello” to that old pain of yours and allow it to be there. “You can be a part of my life, I am not letting you down”. This is the compassion that you long for, this is what makes you whole, let it be. Standing by your own wounded self, not letting the child within suffer all by itself, is the energy that makes you a Christ. In your everyday life, any time you resist your own pain, wishing you could get rid of your fear and anger all at once, cursing yourself for it, you are letting the child inside you down. By resisting your pain, and judging the behaviour coming from it, you alienate the child from you. You say “I do not want to be sad or angry or afraid anymore, I just want to be happy, why can’t I get over it, I hate myself.” But the child within is crying and calling out for you, and it will not be healed by your resistance or condemnation.

Take the time to heal yourself. When you feel resistance, stop right there and sit down. Do not turn away, let the resistance go, for the child’s sake. Be present with your wounded child, allow the golden energy of your angel self to embrace it. Do not be afraid to be so grand! Take as much time and space as your need to heal yourself. Do not belittle your needs and the depth of your pain. Take it seriously. This healing process is the very reason you chose this lifetime on earth. The inner transformation you are going through is precisely what you aimed to accomplish, what you are called to do, and what earth is waiting for.

Have compassion with your pain. Face the desolation deep within and tell that part of you “I am there for you, I AM the angel who brings Light, I will bring you to the promised land. Have no fear, for I stand beside you, I stand behind you, I am before you and I am inside you. I do not come from above, I do not come from below, I come from your soul. I am the essence of You.”

You are becoming angels in the flesh. You are angels incarnated in physical matter. You have much to give and share with people, but do not let that distract you. You are the number one in your life, and you always need to be connected to that inner child part of you. As soon as you notice that your emotions become unruly, that you feel uneasy, tense, anxious or annoyed, face up to it immediately. This is more important than any other thing you need to do in your life. Even other people are second place. Your life is about you. You can only channel your angel light into your human existence, if you are also willing to reach out to the darkest part of you.

Take time and space for self healing. Do anything that helps or comforts you, whether it is spiritual counseling, reading books, taking a walk or preparing yourself a fine meal. Nurture yourself both on the spiritual and on the human level. Stay focused and take your time. This is how self healing occurs. This is how you embody your angel light and do what you came to do in this lifetime. It is about you!

We salute you. We are here in great numbers, much greater than you think! There are angels and guides surrounding each one of you. They want to help you find your way in life. There is a lot of support for you from the cosmos, much respect and encouragement. You are the ones who are doing it here on earth, this we cannot do for you. But we will do anything we can to send you joy and consolation. This is truly an age of transformation. Please call upon us, we are there for you. We are crossing that threshold together and it looks like it is going to be a Great (New) Time!

© Pamela Kribbe 2007

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