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Луна в сей День, Луна в сей Час


February 28


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!
Today we’ll speak about another important characteristic of your sixth chakra.
We’ll discuss its ability to keep the very essence, a concentration, of your experiences in previous lives.
And if your buddhic body keeps an entire volume of your experiences, your sixth chakra sifts through all the unnecessary parts and leaves only what you could utilize for your spiritual development.
It is similar to the gold digger, who carefully searches through all the “sands” of your former lives and gently puts in his “bag” only the gold nuggets.
And as soon as occasion arises, it takes it out from the treasury and shows to you.
How does it happen? Of course, it happens differently for each person.
Sometimes, they show us in our dreams the episodes from our former lives, which give the key to understanding what is happening with us now.
And if a person’s spiritual development is sufficient, he would be able to compare his dream and reality and reach a necessary conclusion.
But more often it happens with those, who enter their former lives during meditations, being in the flow of the higher vibrational Divine energies.
They help to open the “third eye” of a person, and then he retrieves out of his precious “bag” the right “golden nugget,” exactly the one he needs to see at this moment.
And now I’ll give you one meditation, which would help you to enter this treasury, where all your accumulated life experiences are kept.
Let’s call it “The Golden Treasury.”
Call upon the Creator and all your Divine helpers for help. Sit in meditation, relax and breathe deeply.
And then move with your consciousness into your “third eye” and ask it to open completely.
You would definitely feel the changes that are happening with the area, which will be experienced differently for each person.
And if you feel that it is opened, ask it to show you the most important information, exactly what you need to see right now for complete liberation from all the programs of three dimensional world, something which is impeding you from moving forward.
The response may come to you in the form of pictures from former lives or in the form of a very strong emotions – such as fear for yourself or for your loved ones, fear of the unknown, feelings of guilt or pride, aggression, resentment, envy, jealousy, another words, whatever interferes with your peace and harmony.
Accept everything that you would see and feel, feeling Love and Gratitude for the experience you had gained and dissolve all the negative emotions, whose residue stayed in your subtle bodies, with the energy of Light and Love.
Feel as it spreads as warmth through your emotional, mental, causal, and buddhic bodies, and when it reaches the atmic body, you would feel such Bliss, being filled with Divine energies, that you’ll want to keep this state forever.
And you are capable of this, dear ones, because you are the Creators of your lives.
And I bless you for that!
Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you
Channeled by Marta on February 28, 2018.

February 27


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!
Today we’ll speak about the buddhic body, where an information about your previous lives is stored, and which is a “thread” connecting you with your Mother Soul.
A person, who is capable of going back to his previous incarnations during meditations or through hypnotic regression, would understand a great deal of what’s happening to him currently, because he could follow the entire chain of cause and effect, connecting together all the events of his current life.
But you must be ready to do that, dear ones, because you might see such shocking things about yourself, that it would make an impression on your subtle bodies as feelings of guilt and remorse.
In reality, you must look at your previous lives with the eyes of an unprejudiced observer.
You must understand that unlike your current life, where you may change a great deal, your past lives are already – a past stage, your earned experience, which was necessary for you, which helped you to reach the higher level of spiritual development, which you presently possess.
Imagine yourself as a mountain climber, who have been patiently climbing to the summit of the mountain, overcoming unbelievable difficulties. And now he has reached his goal.
And now he does not have to descend back. He has walked his path to the end, and this summit is his “trampoline” towards the Ascension – towards a new life in another dimension.
But believe me, dear ones, the knowledge of your karmic “biography” is not necessary.
Even if you won’t have an opportunity to immerse in the past, it won’t stop you from moving forward, because now you are given all the necessary knowledge for development of your Soul; as well as for the transformation of your consciousness and you physical body into the light crystalline body.
The most important thing for you now is “crystallization” of all the knowledge you have received: “sifting” of all that is not necessary, artificial and alien; so called separation of the grains from the shafts, of which so much has been said in the messages from the Higher Powers.
You need to swim back to the surface from that wild current of information about the Ascension of Earth, which is flowing from the Internet and different esoteric publications, in which you are drowning. And after you regain your breath, you must concentrate upon yourself – on your feelings, physical, emotional, energetic.
You need to direct all the accumulated knowledge into the practical channel, and your sixth chakra would help you to accomplish that.
For that I’d like to offer you the following.
After reaching a meditative state and calling all your Spiritual guides, call your Mother Soul through your sixth chakra with a request to “transform” all the experiences accumulated during all your lives in the three dimensional world into Light and Love.
Do not hurry, sit quietly for as long as possible. Listen for your feelings in the sixth chakra.
It may “tremble” from joy, may be filled with warmth, may start pulsing or moving clockwise…
Everyone would experience it differently, but you would definitely feel how it responds to your request.
You can do this meditation several times, until you feel that your earthy cycle is completed and you are ready for Ascension.
And every time when you are ready to merge with your Mother Soul, imagine your sixth chakra, which like an umbilical cord connects you with it.
Feel your original energy, which you have been missing during many many centuries of your wondering in the three dimensional world…
I bless you for that, dear ones!
Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you
Channeled by Marta on February 27, 2018.

February 26


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll continue our conversation about the sixth chakra, and reveal you its other characteristic.

This chakra serves as a connecting element between your human and Divine essence.

After you activate your third eye, only the last step will remain for your direct communication with the Higher Forces of the Universe.

And today we’ll speak about what you must do to activate the abilities of your chakra to the maximum.

First of all, you must remember that the “nourishing environment” for this chakra is pure Unconditional Love – its original energy.

As soon as you learn how to live, being constantly in the flow of the energy of Love, the lost functions of your third eye will start to restore quite quickly.

I know that some Ascended Masters sincerity think they help people with the opening and even do that freely, but they are not capable, dear ones, to control your emotional state and your energy levels constantly.

They only can give you a strong impulse towards your further spiritual development, but all the main work is still carried by you.

You can use this chance and maintain the level of spiritual growth that has been initiated, or you could, hoping that everything has been done for you, continue to live as you have lived before, not making any efforts for your self-development.

And this is the greatest danger of such assistance from outside.

Trust me, dear ones, the Ascension of the human soul – is a very individual process, which happens differently for each person – in each own time and speed.

And any artificial interference into your energy space, especially when such sacred things as opening and activation of your chakras are put on mass production, can bring imbalance to your psychological and emotional states and even to your physical state.

And as a rule, it does not help with your advancement upon spiritual path.

It is similar to buying a diploma from a spiritual “university,” and it would not increase your knowledge and skills.

And the last thing I wanted to tell you today.

Try to keep your thoughts pure and do not allow your observant critical mind to analyze current events and human behavior.

It is exactly what delays the advancement of most people.

Catch any thought of judgment, criticism, discontent at first stage, until they are not filled with negative energies.

It is very important, dear ones. It is precisely your automatic reaction to current events that contaminates your subtle bodies, and does not allow you to ascend to that height, which your Soul endeavors to reach.

We will stop here today.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 26, 2018.

February 25


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to tell you how with the help of your sixth chakra you can discern the beings of the higher astral, who very often dictate messages to the people now.

It would not be possible to do for everyone, but only for those whose soul possesses a true Divine “tuning fork,” which is capable of catching false notes, that may appear as extreme sweetness, verbosity, redundancy, and sometimes very complex messages, full of technical or scientific terminology.

In reality, true messages are always simple, brief and perceptible for anyone, and their main goal – is to bring you a new knowledge, which would help you to figure out what’s happening on the planet now, that would suggest how to live and act according to the new realities.

The truth of the matter is that the beings of the higher astral sincerely feel they help you to make progress with the messages they dictate.

To give more importance to their words and to earn your trust, they present themselves under the names of the Higher Powers or under the names of highly respected people, who had left the dense plane of Earth.

And because in the most of these messages, they also speak about the “Light and Love,” it is possible to discern them ONLY energetically.

And now I’ll give you a few advises how to make an energy test of some channelled messages with the help of the sixth chakra.

For that, you need to be in a quiet harmonious state and its better to put an energy defense to isolate yourself from communication with astral beings, who are very afraid of being discovered.

Then after reading a text or at least after reading a few paragraphs, ask your third eye to give its evaluation of the message.

If it’s a true message from the Higher Powers, then you would DEFINITELY feel its reaction – as pulsations, clockwise movements, expansion, warmth…

But if the message has been dictated by the astral beings, then it is more likely that your fourth or fifth chakra would react, because they are at the same vibrational level.

But if this message has been dictated by the Dark forces or by the beings of the lower astral, then you would feel vibrations at the level of the lower chakras or any other expressions at the level of the physical body.

There is another method of discernment to determine whether you need to spend time reading one or the other message.

Won’t you agree, dear ones, that it often happens that you are attracted by the title, and you plunge into reading of the message, even if at the beginning you felt something is wrong. Your curiosity drives you to read further.

As a result, you waste a lot of time and besides your energy space becomes contaminated.

To avoid that, after reading the title and the name of the channeler, who channeled the message, you can turn to your third eye and ask if you need this information.

And if you have establish certain contact with it, it would definitely react.

You can develop special signs for communication with it, to receive quick “yes” and “no” responses.

And believe me, dear ones, this channel of communication with your Divine essence is very reliable, because not a single astral being is capable to reach it with their vibrations.

But again, I urge you to be creative and to develop your own practices and exercises, because it is difficult for the Higher Powers to give you advices and recommendations – because you are so unique.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 25, 2018.

February 23


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll continue our conversation about your sixth chakra.

I’ll tell you about its role in human life now – in the period of your shift into the higher dimension, and how it is possible to reanimate its original functions.

But first of all, I want to warn you that it is not possible for every person, but only for those who could raise their consciousness, which also means vibrations, to the level of at least fourth dimension. And there are enough people like that on Earth now.

The more you ascend on the ladder leading you to the fifth dimension, the more clearly you would sense your sixth chakra.

You would feel like it decreases, pulses, or increases.

You may feel sensations like pins and needles, light vibrations, cold or heat in the area of your third eye.

That would be its physical manifestations. But much more important, that it starts waking up after the deep sleep and restores its lost abilities, the main ability is its communication with the subtle plane.

What would be the manifestations of your third eye?

First of all, you would start feeling each other subtly, which means communication on the subtle plane.

The most crucial aspect of your communication would not be the words, which you are accustomed to exchange with each other, but the energies, which carry your emotions, thoughts and actions.

You would read them from each other, not uttering any words, and it would be the first step towards telepathic communication, which all the people at the beginning of human civilization once possessed.

Of course, it would not come in one day. You need to develop these skills like you develop your body to keep it slim, flexible and beautiful.

But now your relationships must become just as flexible and beautiful.

You can start small.

Every day, while communicating with any person you meet, try to look into his soul to discern his emotional state, to feel his wishes, to foretell the way of his thinking.

And when a person starts talking or acting, you will immediately realize how accurately you had read information about him.

Stereotypes are very powerful in a three dimensional world, and that’s why the words and actions of the people are of similar type.

You’ll be surprised how predictable people in the world of duality can be. It won’t be difficult to penetrate their subtle bodies to read their thoughts and emotions.

But with the people who are at the same level as you are, you may encountered some surprises, because these people are spiritually close to you and you assume they must think and react as you are.

And if it’s not happening, you are very surprised and astonished.

But you forget, dear ones, that the higher is a spiritual level of a person, the more rich and multidimensional is his inner world, the wider is his perception of reality, which is stripped off cliches and stereotypes.

Therefore, it takes great mastery to penetrate the soul of this person, which is not possible for everyone.

But the most important thing that you need now – is to start practicing such communication-feeling of each other, and gradually step after step you’ll develop your third eye – reanimate it, return it to its past glory.

And I bless you for that, dear ones!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 23, 2018.

February 21


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll cover more complex material. We’ll start studying the buddhic and atmic bodies, and also their sensory organs – sixth and seventh chakras, which are the bridge, connecting you with your Divine essence, which also helps you to communicate with the subtle world.

Unfortunately, there are still very few people on Earth, whose sixth and seventh chakras are open and developed enough to allow them to communicate with the Higher Powers.

There are much more people, who are capable of communicating with the astral beings, who live in a space around the Earth, in close proximity to you.

And because these beings have become almost “professional” in the area of Ascension of the Earth, who have mastered the right terminology and learned to speak eloquently on this subject; it has become very difficult for people to differentiate between the channelled messages from the Forces of Light and those dictated by the higher astral.

I’ll try to teach you how to feel these subtle differences, which will protect you from mistakes and would allow to determine clearly the vibrations of your heavenly “interlocutors.”

But we’ll start from afar. And today we’ll speak about the sixth chakra, which is often called the “third eye” of a person.

Where have that name originated?

A long time ago the third eye had really existed on physical plane, and some beings living in the higher dimensions still possess it.

But as people gradually descended into the three dimensional world, the third eye has become “overgrown” like a gentle subtle plant, strangled by the “weeds” of life in duality.

One of the programs, implanted in the human consciousness by the Dragon race, has been blocking of the sixth chakra, which connected people with the subtle world.

The thin thread which connected a human soul with his real essence – the memory of its Divine origins and of its connection with the Mother Soul – would be cut while in the embryo.

That way, a human being would come into the world already “blind” and “deaf.” He was left with only physical sensory organs, with his perception of the subtle world completely blocked.

And only a few Great Souls, who have incarnated on Earth with the goal to restore justice – to return to the human beings that which rightfully belong to them, have been able to “wake up” their third eye and to develop a lost connection with the subtle world.

But now the situation has changed. New energies of the highest vibrations come in contact with the people, who have reached a certain level of spiritual development, are able to neutralize these programs; which allows thousands of people to activate their third eye and by doing that to open the doors into the subtle world.

Numerous practices which are given by the Higher Powers of the Universe help them to accomplish the activation.

And everything would be great, dear ones, if you lived in the ideal harmonious conditions and stayed in a state of Light and Love.

But you continue to live in the world of duality, communicate with very different people, experience the fluctuations of very different energies, and as a result the beings from the astral world of Earth are eager to use your “bridge” into the subtle world.

And depending on what energies prevail in you in each moment, you attract similar beings: from the lower to the higher astral.

They also develop and have learned to raise their vibrations to the heights, which allow them to “jump” reaching your fourth and even fifth chakras.

And in one of my next messages, we’ll discuss how to learn the discernment of such “guests,” using your subtle sensory organs.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 21, 2018.

February 20


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to conclude our conversation about the causal body and tell you of its other characteristic.

And that’s what it is.

In spite of being the body of fairly high vibrations, causal body sometimes contains within itself a collection of cliches and stereotypes.

But they already have a different character than the ones in the lower bodies. They could be called “spiritual stereotypes.”

It pertains to religious dogmas, philosophical teachings, moral principles – in other words, all that is relevant to the moral side of the human life.

But in spite of that, they still remain stereotypes, because they limit human consciousness into the narrow boundaries, not allowing it to be raised to the new higher level.

Why does it happen?

As a rule, a person starts his spiritual development, based upon the teachings of famous philosophers, religious figures, historians, or spiritual leaders, where he finds clearly formed concepts and foundations.

If such figures are guite famous and respected names in the society, a spiritual seeker believes them unconditionally, accepting everything as the truth from the higher authorities.

If he is especially interested in something, he starts to seek other literature on the same subject, subconsciously trying to find more proofs of the theory he likes.

And gradually he himself starts to be the follower and proponent of one or another teaching.

It is the path of almost every person, who try to transcend the boundaries of the material life and to gain a higher – spiritual – meaning of his existence.

But you must remember the following, dear ones.

All the spiritual teachings, except the ones that have been received directly from the Higher Powers, has been created by the people, which means they have a subjective character and they involuntarily carry within the impressions of personality, mental characteristics and the level of spirituality of the person who created them.

And then his mental reflections and conclusions had been picked up and continuously repeated by other people, and with time they become transformed into cliches and stereotypes, which has been collected in the causal bodies of his followers.

And I will give you several advices how to avoid your dependence on the opinions of others and to start progressing independently.

First, remember an expression, “Do not create an idol for yourself.”

It contains a very deep meaning within, because it is precisely “an idol” who can make spiritual slaves out of those, who are not able to think independently.

Blind faith in something or in someone is what creates fanaticism in all its expressions.

Remember how much blood has been spilled for “religious convictions,” how many wars have been started “in the name of God,” which means how many “cliches” have been collected in the causal bodies of the people…

Therefore, always avoid fanatically inclined people, regardless under which banners they hide.

Second, believe yourself, your Soul, your heart!

Converse with them more often. Raise from the depth of your memory true Divine knowledge, which lives in each of you.

Do not attempt to embrace the unbounded. To be an erudite, filled to the brim with spiritual knowledge, does not mean to be a spiritual person.

It is possible to radiate a great wisdom and Unconditional Love, which would be enough for a hundred people, without reading a single book; because you have all the knowledge within you, which only waits for you to open it and bring to the surface the depth of your heart.

And these are not simply beautiful words.

Observe people, nature, plant and animal kingdoms!

Make your own conclusions, listening to your inner voice more than to what others are saying, often attempting to enforce upon you their own vision of the world.

And lastly, never argue with anyone, stubbornly fighting to defend your point of view.

Allow other people to have their opinion, which may be not less valuable, even if it does not coincide with yours.

Listen keenly to it: may be it would allow you to open new horizons and by doing that to avoid your own stereotypes, which may collect in your causal body.

Try to find a golden mean in everything, which would allow you to combine naturally other people’s experiences with your own, and always remember that the development of your Soul and expansion of your Consciousness are truly UNLIMITED!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 20, 2018.

February 19


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today I would like to continue our conversation about the causal body, revealing to you its another function.

Besides its “analytical abilities,” of which we have spoken in my previous message, it has another ability to accumulate within itself the energy, governing your thoughts and emotions.

And that’s what it means.

After your thoughts and emotions go through the causal body and undergo the energy “processing,” they return to the world, having already a different character – more organized and harmonized.

It happens because causal body by itself has much higher vibrations then emotional and mental, which has given it material for “processing.”

It is similar to adult person listening to a child, spilling out to adult all his problems and emotions, who then calmly and wisely puts everything in its places, explaining what has happened from the point of view of the Divine Laws.

But it happens only when a person has already crossed the line, separating him from the world of duality, and is ready to listen to truth, but not to what the Ego wants him to hear.

But for the people completely submerged into the three dimensional world, causal body serves as a “shield” protecting their buddhic and atmic bodies from the lower energies.

Lower vibrational thoughts and emotions of such people bounce like balls from the higher vibrational “wall” of the causal body, and return to these people as a mirror image.

That way, the causal body serves as the most immediate part in the fulfillment of the Divine Laws, “As within, so without” and “What you saw, that you’ll reap.”

It accumulates the energy of human thoughts and emotions and returns it in a stronger form.

It pertains to any energy, positive and negative.

Thus, the thoughts, filled with Goodness and Love, return Goodness and Love into the life of a person in the form of pleasant events, good people, great health and harmonious life.

But the thought, filled with anger and aggression, attracts the people and events of similar vibrations, making ones life even more difficult.

Therefore, we can call the causal body the main executor of the Divine Laws, accumulating the energy, radiated by a person, and then generating its flow outside.

Therefore, dear ones, it is so important to keep pure your mental and emotional bodies, because the purity of your causal body depends upon them.

As I have told you in my messages, everything is in your hands, because you are the Creators of your reality and are able to govern it with the power of your thoughts.

And if your thoughts are filled with Love – the most powerful of all the energies of the Universe – then you will have mastery over everything.

Always remember that, dear ones!

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 19, 2018.

5 April 2018 Ascended Masters, Practices and meditations, Yeshua
our-mutual-ascension-causal-bodyGreetings, my dear beloved souls!

Today we’ll start talking about the next body – the causal one, which can be considered your “analytical center.”

It is precisely where your deductions and conclusions are made, as a result of your prolonged thinking, analyzing the facts and different reasons for the events that happened with you.

The Causal body “processes” the material, which is supplied by the mental body in the form of all kinds of thoughts and emotions that it carries.

Therefore, the purity of a causal body depends on the quality of your thoughts – its energy component.

As you can see, dear ones, in this case too you need to observe your thoughts and emotions, so you can send for “processing” to the causal body a pure higher vibrational “material.”

What could help you to do that?

First and the most importan. Try to observe a chain of events that’s happening with you from the point of view of the Higher Divine Laws.

And then the results of your thinking would already have a completely different character – you would look at everything not with the eyes of a person of the three dimensional world, but with the higher consciousness of a person who lives in the fourth or even fifth dimension.

Second. Never seek the cause of your problems in another people, because just this thought already carries within it a judgment, and therefore is filled with the energies of three dimensional world.

Such judgment forms a chain causing accusations and aggression, which pulls you into the lower energies.

Third. Do not overdo it in another direction – do not blame yourself for all your problems, because the feeling of guilt is also the energy of lower vibrations, caused by living in duality, when there are always the ones who are right or wrong, guilty or not guilty, good or bad…

So how should you behave in the correct manner, not becoming entangled in your emotions and thoughts, caused by events that are happening with you?

Look at everything from the position of the observer, who studies life with curiosity, obtains new experiences – positive and negative, and is grateful for that because it enriches his life, filling it with meaning and content.

Never look back. Utilize your life experiences, but do not become submerged into your feelings, connected with pain and troubles.

Let them go! Do not allow them to settle in your subtle bodies and gradually destroy them, provoking sickness and psychological disturbances.

It is necessary to be able to part with heavy memories as easily as you part with the old garments, when they become to small for you or worn out with time.

You can imagine that you “throw off” yourself the difficult periods of your life as you throw off old dirty clothes, which you “burn” in the fire of Universal Love.

And then you dress yourself with pure Divine garments, which fills your subtle bodies with Light and Love.

And you shine so brightly, that your Light fills all the Earth, Galaxy, and Universe.

Try to do, dear ones, this simple but very powerful practice.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 18, 2018.

February 22


Greetings, my dear beloved souls!

My today’s message is a small diversion from our topic.

I’d like to speak with you about the subject which is relevant for many of you.

And our subject is how to reconcile the ever growing dissonance between your inner state and your surroundings.

I see that for many of you it becomes a barrier for your continual spiritual growth.

It has been said many times already, that all disharmonious people and situations are given to enable you to go through your last lessons, polish your mastery in accepting with Love and Gratitude everything you meet on your path.

And yet many of you lack patience and wisdom to go through these lessons honorably.

That’s why I’d like to gift you with one more practice, which would help you to exist in both worlds simultaneously.

Let’s call it “The Golden Sphere.”

During the entire day, try to imagine yourself enclosed in the Golden Sphere, filled with the sparkling pink-silvery energy of Love.

This is your island of the fifth dimension, which you have already created for yourself on Earth.

You feel good and comfortable in this sphere. You feel yourself protected from the lower energies of duality.

And if some disharmonious situations would appear in your life, creating negative energies, imagine that they crush at the walls of your sphere.

Like an armor it protects you from the strange energies and at the same time you quietly observe what’s happening, making conclusions and learning necessary lessons.

But your sphere has special characteristics, because while not allowing negative energies inside, it allows you to radiate outside pure and loving energies, filling the surrounding space with them.

That’s why, dear ones, imagine yourself as often as you can inside such magic sphere, radiating outside the energy of Light and Love.

It would allow you to balance the state of being simultaneously in two worlds and at the same time generously filling with Divine energy the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Yeshua, who loves you with all his heart, has spoken with you

Channeled by Marta on February 22, 2018

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