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Dear Ones, stepping into the energies of a new year is quite a profound act. You are shifting from one energetic cycle that had its own theme into another that holds its own unique energetic stamp.

It can take as long as arriving at the first equinox to fully acclimate into the energies of a new year, depending upon how different it is to the year that preceded it. The most profound shifting you will feel energetically will be within the first few weeks.

So we advise you to step into the new year gently. Be kind and gentle with yourselves. Observe your body and pay attention to what your needs are. Still yourselves, and feel into it. Take some time to continue to think about what your intentions are moving forward. Ease into the energy by allowing yourselves the time and presence to shift with the most comfort possible.

As you continue to evolve, you become far more sensitive to the energies and yet are also more adept at moving with them. Creating the space to give yourselves what you need and to explore the unique energies and shifting that occurs with the new year is using your wisdom and mastery and will allow you to welcome this new phase in a much more balanced way than ever before. These are exciting times as you will continue to grow and thrive in the unprecedented energies of this wonderful new year of empowered creation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Do you ever find yourself yearning for elements of your past? Perhaps it is an old relationship, an old job, an old location you lived in, or perhaps an old lifestyle. It can be confusing when this happens. We wish to shed some light on what is going on when this occurs.

It could be easy to think that you should go back when those thoughts arise, that those times were better. But please know, that is expired energy. How do you know it is expired energy? Because it is no longer in your life.

What is happening when you yearn for the past is you are simply seeking elements that you enjoyed then and are missing in your life now. It is easier for you to find reference points in the past than it is for you to imagine those elements existing in the unknown future. Looking back to the past doesn’t mean you are meant to go back into it. It is simply giving you feedback of what is lacking in your life and what you would like more of. It is actually a manifestation tool for your future.

Even though the past may have contained those elements you desire, there were other things along with those wanted traits that made staying in that energy impossible. If you were to try to go back, those same energies would exist and still make it unsustainable. It is merely your soul trying to encourage you to create anew with what is wanted and appreciated while still leaving what didn’t work behind.

Focusing on the past only creates resistance to your now. If you experienced something you loved before, Dear Ones, you can experience it again in a brand new way. Take forward the energies of what you enjoyed and create a new mix that contains all of that and so much more that truly matches who you are today. That is your divine right as an empowered co-creator of your best and most satisfying life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Dear Ones, there are multiple timelines that hold a multitude of experiences that you can access at any given time. If you have a deep longing or yearning for an experience, there is always a corresponding timeline that holds that experience. The fact that you have a desire lets you know that the potential exists.

You shift onto timelines through your focus, intention, surrender, and flow. This is why you cannot create what you want through negative focus or fear. Your energetic engagement with what was unwanted would keep you firmly planted on the timeline that holds that energy.

Your soul knows exactly how to move onto the timeline that will lead you into what you intend to experience. Your intention is like setting your internal GPS and your surrender and flow with faith and trust allows your energy to move into the energetic stream that takes you to your next greatest experience. It is that simple.

The beauty of all of this is that it is all available to you, you simply need to choose. And if you choose something that it turns out you do not care for, you can choose again, endlessly moving and flowing into the matches that best reflect your preferences and your next highest expression of self. It all exists for you if you can simply decide to allow your heart to lead the way into the realm of endless potential. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


There are differing schools of thought about manifestation. One says that you attract to you what you hold, with the idea being there is nothing you need to do but allow the vibrational match to come to you. The other says you must take action in order to move into what you wish to experience. We understand how this can cause some confusion and we wish to address this today.

So which one is true? Both of them can be true depending upon the specific circumstance. Sometimes the most direct way for the universe to deliver to you is for you to just stay where you are. Other times, it is easier and more direct for you to move into alignment with what it is you wish to create by taking action. How do you know which method to use? You don’t have to know. All you must do is surrender.

If you are surrendered into your creation and follow what the energy is supporting at any given time, you will be a non-resistant human being and very easy to help. If you are meant to simply allow your manifestation to find its way to you, you may find yourself in a lull, where it appears not much is happening. That means that things are coming together behind the scenes and you are easiest to serve by not moving at all. Other times the energy will flow you into the exactly where you need to be to connect with what you wish to experience and movement is the easiest way to create that intersection for you.

What we are trying to impress upon you is that the universe and your soul always know the most direct way to do things. Trust. Surrender. Follow the flow of energy and whatever it is supporting and accept that even when there is no perceived movement much progress is still happening. Your surrender, faith, flow, and trust takes all the guess work out of things and keeps you in a state of cooperation, always, with your desired creations and experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Dear Ones, your manifestations are a starting point. Many of you think manifesting is creating something in its perfection and then you are done. But that is actually contrary to how the energies of the universe work. There is always a desire for movement and expansion. You are never really ever done with your creations.

So if you have manifested something in your life that is not one hundred percent to your liking, there is no need to get upset or frustrated. You can continue to adjust and tweak it as you go. It is quite common to discover that your creation needs to be adjusted in ways that you simply could not have imagined before its creation.

It might help to think of your creation as a hunk of clay. It is the beginning of a physical manifestation that still holds many possibilities and potentials to be customized however you like. Now that you actually have something tangible in front of you, you can start to see how it fits your space, your needs, your preferences. There is still so much room to allow it to evolve.

How do you continue to adjust it? By allowing it to continue to unfold in ways that respond to your focus, your appreciation, and your preferences. Energy is always moving and malleable, Dear Ones. Have fun being the artist of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


So many of you have lost the sense of joy and fun in your lives. If this is the case for you, and you would like to move back into greater enjoyment in your life, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions…

What brought you joy as a child? Why did you stop? Are there elements of that same activity you can pick up again now? When did you decide being an adult meant having no fun? Is that true? What brings you joy now? What interests you? Have you connected with your inner child lately? Are they neglected? What lightness and joy would they like to bring to the forefront of your life?

What do you think will happen if you lighten up? What responsibilities do you take on unnecessarily that others could easily do? Do you automatically say no to everything? What one activity could you bring into your life that would be just about your enjoyment? What class have you always wanted to take? What place have you always wanted to visit? When you go to the book store or the library, what section do you linger in the longest? Are you doing that activity in your life or putting it off for some unknown future time?

It is through your interests, your passions, and your expansion that your soul shimmers and shines with satisfaction. It is also through your enjoyment that you find yourself in alignment with Source energy. Love yourself enough to bring back those elements to your life, or if you do not know what they are yet love yourself enough to find out. Your joyful self expression serves you, others, and your planet, much better than self sacrifice and denial ever will. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


There is a pervasive belief that you will be tested in order for God to determine your worthiness. The idea that you are being tested implies that there is judgment – that you will either pass or fail. Dear Ones, there is no judgment towards you from the higher realms, only pure acceptance and unconditional love. We celebrate you exactly as you are. There is never, ever a time when you are not worthy or good enough or that you have to do anything to gain our approval.

The things you perceive as being tests are not to prove anything to anyone but yourselves. Your challenges are opportunities for you to discover your own strength, courage, and ability to love. They always offer expansion in order for you to know yourself in deeper and more profound ways. They are gifts for you to fully experience in new ways the depth of your faith, trust, and divine capability.

Further, they are never put upon you, but rather choices your soul makes in order to grow and to know yourself better. They allow you to experience the depth of your soul and your incredible capacity for expansion, and through that expansion, the universe also expands. You are always loved, supported, and encouraged through such times that serve to open you up to a more profound understanding of self and new levels of attainment, which will only serve both you and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Dear Ones, your enlightenment process is one of accelerated forward movement followed by periods of integration. This is designed to allow your body and your mind time to assimilate into new energetic states of beingness. Both phases are critical for your growth.

Think of mountain climbers. They move steadily into higher altitudes in a phase of forward movement, but also know they must stop and make camp to give their bodies time to adjust. The same it is with you as you move into higher and higher vibrational states.

If you can embrace each phase of the journey as being equally important – of serving and supporting the other, you will find a much greater peace, acceptance, and balance in the process. All movement is forward movement, and staying out of resistance and in a space of trust in the divine capability of your soul to navigate the process will help you make the most progress with the greatest amount of grace and ease possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Do you automatically so no to things? How many times a day do you say no with little to no thought? The more no is your go-to response, the more resistance you are in to life.

This is not to say that you should say yes to everything, because some things will not be your energetic match or for your highest good. We are simply suggesting you stop and fully consider things before you decide whether you wish to proceed with something or not.

So the next time you are asked to do something, why not feel into it? Is it really a no? Are you responding out of habit or in ways that matched who you used to be and may not necessarily match who you are today? Why is it a no?

There are so many times the universe attempts to bring new experiences to you that you may find very enjoyable that you simply won’t allow. If you check in with your body you will get a true answer. A true no will be felt by a lot of resistance or tension in your body, usually felt in your abdominal area. A yes will feel like flow.

If you are in between, why not give it a try? It may just end up being fun. A human being who consistently is open to saying yes to life is much easier to surprise and delight. Your yes responses make you cooperative with a universe that adores you, and add immeasurably to your expansion and experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


What is the one thing in your life that you perceive as holding you back? Is it health? Is it financial? Is it love? Is it an old wound that you can’t seem to heal beyond?

Ask yourself honestly if you have been using the same old approach to your challenge. Dear Ones, if you have been trying the same thing repeatedly to no avail, perhaps it is time to mix things up. What could you do differently? How can you change your thinking about this issue? Is there a new approach you could try that you haven’t tried before?

If you truly don’t know the answer to any of those questions, the answer can always be found through surrender. Surrender to the perfect solution, and then allow yourself to be led to it. Your soul, your guides and helpers, all know the endless possibilities and potentials and perfect solutions that exist.

The bottom line is if you haven’t found the relief you seek, the solutions exist beyond what you have already tried. Mix things up. Be creative. Be willing to explore and be led, and you will find your way. The only way a problem will not be solved is if you choose to stay in the energies where the solution doesn’t exist. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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