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Луна в сей День, Луна в сей Час


April 26

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Get at the wheel)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today I would like to draw some kind of a conclusion to my previous messages on energy confrontation.
As you have probably understood, confrontation as such is typical of people and countries of low vibration frequency energy.
Their dense dark pressed energies are impervious to Light.
They are covered in these low frequency energies like in “armour” and anything inconsistent with them makes them furious.
While a human being or a country of high frequency energy profile generates Love and acceptance and conscience of such a human being or country’s collective conscience is not susceptible to the influence of low vibration frequency energies.
Yet, while you are still living in the 3D world it is impermissible for Light Souls to relax completely and let things drift.
It is high time to think not only about yourselves but about those you can rescue as well – save from the destructive effect of negative energies that reign literally in any sphere of human life.
So, what does your role of rescuers presuppose?
Unlike common people you know what and why is going on the planet nowadays.
You consider all your life’s and country’s events from the point of view of the Laws of the Universe.
You understand the tricks of high and mighty designed to hold people’s conscience within the limits of duality and hide from them the global changes taking place on Earth.
You watch the world in a different way understanding what is hidden behind an attractive facade.
And now, my dear ones, you will have to assume the role of “a tutor” for the souls not fully revived but on the way to revival, so only you can open their eyes to the current events on the planet since almost all governments keep silent.
And this “conspiracy of silence” is not by chance.
Reptiloids and others with them at the controls are not going to give them of their own accord to those who will open the energy “dungeon” and set free the Divine human conscience that has been forced into “the cage” of duality for centuries.
You can by the power of thought and Spirit take over them in terms of ENERGY and get at the wheel of your beautiful planet “ship” and turn it towards Light – to the energy space of the Fifth dimension.
Wisely and calmly, with no excessive enthusiasm or haste explain to the people ready to hear you that humanity has reached the critical point of its development: both your planet and man as a unique Divine creation are endangered now.
In a persuasive reasonable manner making use of real-world examples you should tell people about all the tools used by the officials of the majority of the countries to totally enslave man intruding into the holy of holies – human Soul, conscience, DNA endangering human free and independent existence.
You should ask for help all the Higher Powers of the Universe to guide and protect you preventing you from “falling out” of high vibration frequency energy stream, which will not only assist you in being up to the mark but also will liberate that person’s conscience from 3D world programmes and reveal their underlying memory of their Divine origin.
And I bless you for this!
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 26, 2019

April 28

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Man and egregor’s interaction)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today we will switch over to a new topic that is closely connected with the previous one but reveals it from a different angle.
And the issue under discussion will be energy flow from man to egregors and backwards – from egregors to man.
This process is unceasing and sometimes it can be rather complicated since one and the same person can supply with energy several egregors at the same time and get energy from each of them at that.
The older one gets the closer their relations with egregors are – state, religious, professional, family one…
It is accounted for by the fact that in the course of time they build up their own well-established view on every sphere of life, which means energy stability that contributes certain type of energy to a certain egregor.
It is by means of energy of the same kind generated by huge amounts of people that egregors come into being.
And there is a wide range of them – depending on what they are based on.
So, even a certain country’s egregor can comprise a lot of mini-egregors sometimes of mutually exclusive energies.
Why does this happen?
First of all, it is has to do with the introduction into human conscience of certain ideas that are beneficial to some circles of high and mighty.
For example, one segment of population can generate patriotism energy being proud of their country while another one severely criticize and compare it with other more developed countries where people seem to lead a happier life.
The same applies to religion – some people are fanatic in their belief in God while others are out-and-out atheists.
Professional sphere and scientific circles in particular feature energy chaos as everyone thinks they are right persisting in their opinion and completely rejecting that of others’.
So, even these mini-egregors lack energy unity, which is actually natural as, and you already know it, energy constantly undergoes modifications being always in motion.
But the point is what way it is changed and what vibration frequency is typical of it.
If energy confrontation between people supplying one and the same egregor is characterized by aggression, jealousy and censure energy – in a word, any type of negative energy, this egregor filled with separation energies bring them back to the same people encouraging this way the circle of low vibration frequency energy.
So, how can the vicious circle be broken?
One and only way: by learning to respect other people’s opinion, accept them as they are, not to return offence for offence and generate Peace, Love and Harmony wherever you are.
By doing this you will not only change the energy profile of your home, work and town but also contribute pure and light energy to mini-egregors and your country’s egregor in general and this energy will return a hundredfold to people decreasing the degree of tension in all spheres of life.
Do always remember, my dear ones, that the energy of Love and Light is hundreds of times as strong as any negative energy just because of its vibrations.
It is more rarified and can absorb and dissolve huge amounts of negative energy.
It always gains a victory in the unavoidable energy confrontation typical of the dual world, even if the victory seems to be won by the dark forces at first sight.
And nowadays each Love energy blowout of yours is immediately caught up by your heavenly helpers and increased many times due to the fact that Earth energy space itself possesses quite different vibration frequency now.
Here we will stop for today.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 28, 2019

April 27

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Energy instability of countries’ egregors)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
So, we have studied all the kinds of energy interaction and confrontation both at the level of human beings and that of countries’ that is a combination of all their citizens’ energy.
And now I would like to put extra emphasis on the things that happen within countries’ egregors.
It is untypical of energy to be stagnant and it always in motion that is why the energy profile of people, cities and countries cannot remain the same.
And today we will speak about the factors that can essentially influence these changes – the way it becomes obvious even to the profane.
It is easy to trace the idea by the example of European countries that have changed beyond recognition over the recent decades.
It happened because in the countries that used to be so happy with their well-established customs and traditions, rich cultural and historical heritage, which resulted in their unique atmosphere they were the only ones to feature and relatively stable energy profile there suddenly poured huge crowds of immigrants with mentality and traditions alien to the local population and, which is more important, with alien energy.
And this energy confrontation within the country leads to these countries losing their faces dissolving in the energy chaos that arose.
This alien “invasion” began to ruin people’s souls making them either disoriented and frightened or aggressive and irreconcilable.
Consequently, these countries’ egregors started changing drastically filling with negative energies of all kinds.
Yet, other examples are recorded when crowds of immigrants enriched in terms of energy the countries they arrived at.
Thus, forced out of their motherland by the bloody revolution many Russian immigrants, people of high cultural and spiritual standards, contributed their purifying energies not only to European but many other countries as well.
The things that are going on in the world nowadays resemble a hidden energy war with many countries taking it lying down in the face of the invisible opponent.
And certainly there are reasons for the aggressors to turn up. They are well-calculated reptiloids’ campaigns designed to weaken in terms of energy many pure human souls that are dangerous for them indeed.
Initiating in people energies of fear, aggression, rejection and censure reptiloids entrap human souls within low vibration frequencies scope where they can easily control them and prevent from gaining freedom and seeing the current affairs in the raw.
As I have already mentioned in one of my messages for this purpose there are produced whole armies of clones who follow their masters’ instructions blindly introducing chaos and destruction to European countries that are dangerous for reptiloids.
Now people start realizing the absurdity of the situation and criminal activities of their heads leading them to collapse.
These countries’ political circles witness gradual arrival of revived conscience people independent from the hidden government and they are the ones to become “the locomotive” to pull Europe out of crisis – financial, spiritual and moral one.
Here we will stop for today.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 27, 2019

April 25

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Energy confrontation between countries)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today we will speak about energy confrontation between different countries.
And, for a start, let’s see what lays the foundation of this confrontation.
Since any country has its own egregor it is possible to say that it is egregors that interact with each other.
The more ancient a country with its traditions and culture is, the stronger its egregor is and the richer and more versatile its egregor profile is.
Sometimes it happens that relatively young countries very quickly create egregors as strong though. It results from the fact that these countries’ heads artificially create national ideas, common moral “values” and initiate fanatic patriotism, which generates low vibration frequency emotions that are very powerful at the same time.
These countries’ citizens are forced into strict psychological limits and the majority of them, as a result, are at the same wavelength supplying their country’s egregor with severe blowouts of similar energy, which creates an illusion of energy power.
A vivid example is the United States of America – a country with hardly any history and culture of its own, but it managed to establish control almost all over the world imposing on other countries its moral “values” based on money and power.
So, how do different countries’ egregors interact?
As any country’s energy profile is determined by the citizens’ overall energy – its collective conscience, the vibration frequencies of different countries are different.
The basis for countries’ egregors interaction is one and the same principle as for human beings’ interaction.
The Law of the Universe “Like attracts like” shows itself here in the most apparent way.
Dense egregors filled with low vibration frequency energy interact with the egregors of the similar vibrations automatically supplying each other and multiplying evil on Earth.
As a rule, these countries’ leaders get on well with one another as they operate on the common for them notions and principles of the international policy.
If they contact a high vibration frequency egregor, which means facing alien energies they find themselves in the situation of rejection and misunderstanding.
And there are two options here: either a heavy dense aggressive egregor is not pulled by vibrations to a light airy spiritual egregor of another country or tries to take over it transforming its light energies into dark ones.
Unfortunately, the latter is more often to win since national “interests” of bellicose egregors countries require more and more new markets and raw material sources. They also try to assert themselves at the cost of other countries taking their territories under control and making attempts to impose their own “values” on the local population.
To achieve their goal reptiloids who are usually in head of such aggressive countries do not neglect anything: lies, hypocrisy, bribes, flattery, piecrust promise and giving lip service.
In terms of energy everything comes to “submitting” the locals to low vibration frequency energies – so dear and welcome for reptiloids.
In fact, everything on your planet functions according to one and the same scheme designed by reptiloids long ago: to impersonalize and enslave all the countries and nations for the sake of a high caste reptiloids cluster that seized power on Earth.
At the subtle level their egregor that has been creating by them for centuries looks like a monster that puffs up with the egregors they have managed to supply with the same energies and, consequently, to reduce to their level.
Here we will stop for today.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April, 25, 2019

April 24

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Karmic ties between humans and human reptiloids)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today we will continue speaking about karmic ties and study the rare cases of karmic “knots” between humans and human reptiloids.
As you already know from my previous message series on reptiloids such creatures possessing two souls are rather common on Earth.
Their permanent inner state resembles what is called double personality since the psychological and, consequently, energy inconstancy of half-humans – half-reptiloids results in their being unpredictable – that severe is the confrontation between a human and a reptiloid soul inside them.
So, a lot depends on who is by such creatures’ side.
There are pure and strong enough human souls who plan their incarnation on Earth for the sake of the souls who are entrapped in bodies like this.
Well, there can be karmic ties between them and strong long-term ones at that.
And the following thing accounts for that.
As one human soul neighboring a reptiloid soul in one body gets under another human soul’s guardianship the former becomes dependent on it and understands it can’t get rid of the unwelcome neighbour without its help.
Such souls often become partners in their incarnation and the energy interaction between them never stops.
As far as their children are concerned, it is essential that at the moment of conception as well as during all the pregnancy period it is the energy of Love that dominates – it is the only one capable to attract a valid human soul from the Heaven.
If it happens, the family energy profile will change to such an extent that it will be difficult for a reptiloid soul in a human reptiloid parent to survive in its high vibration frequency, so it will leave the physical body giving way to the human soul for good and all.
It also applies to the case with mother being a human reptiloid. Sincere, pure and unconditional Love of father can drive away the reptiloid part out of mother’s body and during the conception can attract a valid human Soul of their child.
This is why, my dear ones, I tell you that much about ENERGY that not only creates your reality but also decide fates of people, ties and unties karmic “knots” changing your own life scenario and those of your nearest and dearest ones’ in particular, as well as that of the whole planet’s in general.
Sometimes a human soul failed to help the dear soul incarnated in one body with a reptiloid comes to Earth over and over again in order to liberate it once and for all since the latter, as a rule, is born to the same conditions but having gained some experience it is becoming stronger and stronger with every single incarnation.
I have told you about this, my dear ones, so that you understand how complicated and versatile the world around you is and how much depends on each of you.
Not everybody on Earth is ready to understand and accept the information so unusual for people but anybody can generate Peace and Quit, Love and Harmony and these pure Divine energies will do the work that many of you are not ready to do consciously yet.
The greatest wisdom and the bravest Soul feat a human born on Earth is capable of is to live happily and jolly themselves and to share joy and happiness with anyone they come across accepting everybody the way they are, which means loving them UNCONDITIONALLY.
And I bless you for this!
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 24, 2019

April 23

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Karmic ties between humans and reptiloids)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today we will discuss if there can exist any karmic ties between human beings and reptiloids.
I know that this issue is of interest for those who realized that there are not only humans in their environment but reptiloids as well.
And this issue is rather complicated.
Karmic relations between people arise and develop at their souls’ level in accordance with “the contracts” they draw with each other at the subtle level of Earth between their incarnations.
So, since reptiloid and human souls after their physical death find themselves in different energy spaces and can’t meet at the subtle level it is impossible for them to write a tentative scenario of their life together on Earth.
That is why a strong and confident human Soul can sometimes choose an experience of life together with a reptiloid unilaterally.
As far as the latter is concerned, by origin they have the programme of searching a human Soul for a mate installed and they have to drive this Soul to submission, which is the main task of their life on the planet.
Such brave human souls are often born into mixed families, with one parent being a human while the other one is a reptiloid.
This way, since childhood and even since the very moment of conception they gain the unique experience of simultaneous interaction with a human and a reptiloid.
But let’s come back to karmic ties between them.
In this case there arise karmic ties not between a single reptiloid and a human but between a human and the whole reptiloid race as reptiloids, unlike humans, do not possess free will.
They are parts of a huge ramified system with a well-defined hierarchy ruled by the high caste reptiloids.
Coming to Earth many of them do not know who they are because, just like humans’, their memory about their stay at the subtle level of Earth between incarnations is deleted when they descend into their physical body.
Yet, their masters keep on guiding them through the life, so reptiloids’ conscience is not free but compatible with the programme that corresponds to the hierarchy level of their stay on Earth.
Still, sometimes it happens that reptiloids get so “attached” to a single individual that in their next incarnation they try to find the human soul they loved that is now born in another physical body.
And in some cases due to their unbelievable intuition they succeed in achieving this.
But this is more likely to be a rare exception to the rule, so the issue of reptiloid-human karmic ties is rather a far-fetched one.
As for the human Soul that is destined to live together with a reptiloid, Its main task in this life is to maintain wholeness and inner freedom in spite of unceasing efforts of the reptiloid to deprive It of all this.
And if It learns the lesson well, in Its next incarnations reptiloids will keep away from It.
In conclusion, it can be noted that it is not karmic ties that arise between a human being and a reptiloid but energy interaction in which the former tries to raise reptiloid vibrations to the highest frequency possible for them while the latter does their best to reduce human vibrations as much as possible so as to consume their native negative energy.
In the confrontation like this the winner is the one who turns out to be stronger in terms of energy.
Reptiloids’ main tool is individuality suppression and control while human beings’ main tool is Unconditional Love and inner freedom.
Here we will stop for today.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 23, 2019

April 18

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Neutralizing of alien objects’ and compounds’ effects on conscience)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
So, today we will speak about how to keep you energy space inviolable and protect yourselves from influence of different kinds of compounds and alien objects forcibly introduced into your body.
The first thing you should do is not to give way to panic and fear.
Even if it has already happened and you have found a chip in your body or undergone some biometric “procedure” you should know that it can be helped and everything totally depends on you.
The thing is that reptiloids and people acting at their command can’t create anything beyond the third dimension vibration frequency as their habitat is the 3D world.
And all their innovations answer the purpose of keeping the overwhelming majority of the population within the scope of these low vibrations.
For example, why does psychotronic weapon affect some people to a great extent and doesn’t apply to others at all?
It results from the fact that they can’t “reach” these people’s high frequency vibrations because the eternal and invariable Law of attraction applies to this case as well: like attracts like.
The people obsessed by low frequency passions are susceptible to mass hypnosis and are easily guided.
The spiritually advanced people exist in quite a different energy space that is why no psychotropic or psychotronic effect can be produced on these people.
The same applies to chips which are sometimes introduced into a person’s body, with them being unaware of it because it happened during operation, for instance, when they are unconscious.
Despite the fact that any chip is a part of a centralized control system, the system itself, developed and designed by reptiloids, exists in the 3D world space, which means it functions under its laws and has vibrational limits.
Therefore, people resonating to the system’s wave are easily guided and implicitly obey the instructions sent by those who the system was worked out for through chips introduced into their body.
As for those who broke free from the 3D limits and whose vibrations correspond to the fourth and sometimes to the fifth dimension, they remain inviolable: chips are powerless in this case and can’t run the programmes compiled by their creators.
Chip neutralizing in this case occurs unconsciously.
But one can also consciously neutralize any alien intrusion into one’s body calling on The Great Central Sun Energy.
This energy is so powerful that it can ultimately dissolve in itself all the low vibration frequency programmes and their components.
Yet, your best protection is maintaining your vibration frequency at the appropriate level as any energy “failure” makes you vulnerable to the danger that is growing more and more as reptiloids get a feeling of their power coming up to an end.
Here we will stop for today.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 18, 2019

April 17

REPTILOIDS AND CLONES (Reptilods’ and humans’ egregors’ confrontation)

Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today we will go on discussing energy confrontation and this time we will speak about the way it shows itself in the society in general.
It is common knowledge that social stratification has reached its climax as all the chief resources of your planet are in the grip of a small group of people – the so-called hidden government.
It is them who dictate laws ultimately meeting demands of reptiloids in every sphere of human life.
In terms of energy long ago the concept of their holding power became a very dense mini-egregor impregnated with the lowest vibration frequency emotions.
On the other hand, the number of the awakened human souls is growing with every single day and their united energy is forming an egregor of its own – a new human collective conscience with such Divine energies as Love, Gratitude and Unity being its foundation.
Since the new egregor possesses much higher vibrations in comparison with the power egregor their energy interaction resembles the one I described in my previous message.
The reptiloids’ power egregor can’t affect new human conscience any more as it got out of hand and gained true freedom.
This egregor, like a stone thrown into emptiness, passes through the new humanity aura rarified to the utmost and moves on missing the target that from times immemorial has been in initiating fear and obedience in human beings.
While a human person obsessed by low frequency passions still can revive in the course of time reptiloids in charge of your planet can’t do this under their origin.
Lacking the upper – Divine – chakras they can’t attract the energies of Love and Light that fill the revived “silhouette” of humanity.
In this case their energy confrontation can’t end in a draw: either reptiloids or humans should win the game.
High caste reptiloids, unlike humans, are perfectly aware that they will not be able to win the energy “game” so they are up and doing to reduce human vibration frequency to the level of the 3D consumer society as much as possible.
For this purpose they make use of all the devilish arsenal of chipping, psychotronic weapon, cloning, gene-modified products wide-spread all over the world, imposed vaccination, biometric and genetic passports and many other “scientific discoveries” concealed from you so far.
And in my next message I will tell you how to secure yourselves from their influence maintaining your vibration frequency at the due level.
Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 17, 2019

April 26


Greetings, my dear beloved children!
Today I would like to digress from the topic and tell you about energy peculiarities of the recent days.
Probably, some of you noticed that since the middle of April quite unusual energies have been arriving to Earth.
They are not simply powerful but really mighty and rich.
It can be said that the high vibration frequency energies showering Earth nowadays have undergone the transition from quantity to a new quality.
And today I would like to explain to you what difference between these energies is.
The top-priority task for all the Higher Forces used to be filling Earth with high vibration frequency energies that gradually dissolved centuries-old negative information both in near-earth space and at the physical level of your planet.
In other words, coarse purification was carried out – new energies flows were washing the first layer of dirt off Earth.
The same happened to the humanity conscience: due to these energies the veil that separates the 3D world from other worlds of higher dimensions was only half-lifted.
Now it is high time to implement deeper and more thorough purification of both the former and the latter.
And this requires different kinds of energy – multilevel and task-oriented ones.
The first flows of Love and Light energy were aimed at making people realize that it is impossible to go on living LIKE THIS any longer.
They also enjoyed some “bonuses” in the form of visualized wonders of the Renaissance so that people will not have any doubts about the information on Earth transmitting into another dimension being true, which multiplied the desire of the awakened souls to gain the ground not stopping halfway.
Now for the process not to be interrupted or to become routine there have arrived new energies supposed to influence you so that your spare capacities get activated to help you transform not only your conscience into the Divine one but also your body into a light crystal one.
In other words, “the face-lift” is completed and a real “spring-clearing” has been started in your conscience and all your bodies.
So, what are the new energies like and how should you use them?
Many of you have already heard about the healing Energy of the Purple Flame and have even seen it during your meditations.
But it has recently gained a new quality and effects the human body purification at the DNA level.
It is penetrating each and every cell and atom of your body transforming them into the Divine crystals.
It is filling all your subtle bodies rarifying them to the utmost.
Call on this energy during your meditations as often as possible and you will feel by all means the gentle, soft and careful way it is working with your bodies.
And there is one more kind of energy you are used to working with that is undergoing the transition to a new quality.
It is the Energy of the Supreme Creator that “specializes” in 3D world programmes purification of your conscience and subconscience.
Call on this kind of energy each time you feel that you are thinking the typical way, acting under inertia or acting inspired by your Ego not by your Soul and you will feel how the course of your thoughts and actions changes.
Start with this, my dear ones, and you will see the world transforming and reflecting the changes that are occurring in you.
I bless you and deeply love you!
Father – Absolute spoke to you.
Channeled by Marta on April 26, 2019
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